10 Best Activities in the Red sea don’t miss out

Snorkeling Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most popular places to go scuba diving For decades. Divers have come here specifically to enjoy a vacation mostly in the water. The coastline of today has grown into a popular sun and sea vacation spot. Favored by families seeking relaxing beach breaks at a resort with full-service as by divers looking for corals and fish. In the distance from the beach, there’s still plenty to discover.


 Diving is still at the top of your list of things to do, However. It’s also a great place to visit the Red Sea has also become the most popular kitesurfing and windsurfing location in recent years. It is believed that the Eastern Desert stretches across this area. Dotted with traces that date back to Egypt’s Roman as well as early Christian times.

 These tourist destinations offer a wonderful chance to escape the beach for the day and explore Egypt’s past. Find out more about the top destinations to visit by reading our top list of tourist attractions and activities throughout the Red Sea region.

Diving or Snorkeling the Red Sea’s Famed Sites

El Gouna Diving Tour

Snorkeling and diving are among some of the Red Sea region’s most popular activities. If you are a seasoned diver. The most excellent dive spots are situated on the southern portion of the coastal waters. The easiest access from Marsa Alam. These “deep south” sites are known for their marine life and offer the best chance to see one of the dugongs in the Red Sea.

The dive spots just away from Hurghada are one of Egypt’s most sought-after. However, as well as being overcrowded the coral reefs of their area are a victim of damage caused due to shady divers as well as unreliable divers.

 If you’re located in Hurghada and want to avoid these dive sites. You can opt and head further north. When you dive through the Straits of Gubal. Where you’ll see the wreck of Thistlegorm One of the top divers diving on wrecks.

 Also, south to dive sites offshore off Safaga, Al-Quseir, or near the north end of Marsa Alam. It’s not only divers that get to experience the corals and fish life in the Red Sea.

 There’s plenty of things to see when snorkeling, too. It’s an all-day Red Sea snorkeling tour that includes a boat ride to three popular snorkeling spots close to the coast. Lunch is included on the boat.

Sunbathe & Swim on Resort Beaches

Hurghada Beaches - Things to do

One of the best resorts in Egypt life can be found across the country’s extensive Red Sea coast, north and south of Hurghada. For many travelers looking for an entire vacation focused on sun. Sand and the sea this is the best place to visit during winter in the Northern Hemisphere which is in which the Egyptian Red Sea offers plenty of sunny skies and mild temperatures.

The best beaches in the Red Sea are managed (or jointly owned) by resorts and are not part of the main Red Sea towns.

 Just 21 km south of Hurghada International Airport, Sahl Hasheesh Bay is one of the top beaches in the nation. There is a variety of resorts lining the long sand curve in this area and include the Oberoi Beach Resort Sahl Hasheesh. Its luxurious Arabesque furnished suites are set within 48 acres of gardens that are manicured. It is among the most romantic hotels in Egypt.

Nearer the Hurghada town, and located within the strip of resorts to the south of the central and the Steigenberger. ALDAU Beach Hotel is a favorite choice for families because of its beachfront stretch with a massive pool of more than 5,000 square meters. It is an enticing river as well as a water sports center and spa.

Learn to Windsurf or Kitesurf


From October to May, the reliable offshore winds make it the top kitesurfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding destination.

The most popular kitesurfing center is in El Gouna There are several professional kitesurfing companies offering week-long getaway packages for novice and experienced kitesurfers.

Kitesurfing is also offered by all operators. Classes for tourists who would like to experience the sport but don’t want to spend their entire vacation around it. A complete introductory class typically comprises two to 3 hours of training each day, for three or four days.

Another Red Sea town known for its water sports is Safaga which is located 62 kilometers south of Hurghada.

Safaga is an industrial port town. However, the coastline to the north has a tiny resort zone devoted to water sports because of the perfect conditions for wind. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are among the operators in Safaga as well as the smaller resorts that are all focused on these two sports.

Explore St. Anthony’s Monastery

The monastery was established by followers of St. Anthony, the founder of monasticism.

It is situated in the midst of stark cliffs that are 254 km from Hurghada. The monastery is located below the cave in which St. Anthony retreated to live a life of ascetic prayer and the solitude of his monastery.

It is possible that the monastery was initially an isolated group of houses. The present monastery is enclosed by massive wall fortifications constructed during the 10th century. Monks came being attacked by Bedouin pirates.

In the interior, huge palm-tree-shaded greenery sprawl out among caramel-toned clay-brick structures. In which the monks of the monastery still reside.

The main attractions of a visit to the site are murals on the walls inside the 6th century Church of St. The interior is adorned with vibrantly colored and well-preserved frescoes depicting Coptic saints. Those are known as being among the most beautiful instances of Egyptian Coptic Christian artistry.

For those who are on a religious pilgrimage and are seeking to honor the St. Anthony’s Cave sits 270 meters higher than the cliffs over the monastery. The saint’s cave is where he was for the last twenty years of his existence.

Today, the cave can be accessed via a narrow staircase that climbs the cliff and offers stunning views of the monastery and the desert setting below.

Visit St. Paul’s Monastery

St. Paul Egupt

St. Paul’s Monastery (241 kilometers to the north from Hurghada) is shorter than St. Anthony’s and honors the saintly St. Paul the Hermit, who is believed to have been the first monk to adopt the hermit’s lifestyle.

This monastery was operating since the 6th century when followers from St. Paul began to visit the monastery on pilgrimage. Within the massive middle-age Fortress wall the neatly crafted mud-brick structures provide the monastery with the feeling of peace.

 Three churches are among the principal places of interest for visitors to the area: St. Paul’s Church is thought to be constructed exactly on the site on which St. Paul led his introspective life. A trip of a day here typically includes visiting St. Anthony’s Monastery. Monastery of St. Anthony.

Day Trip to Al-Quseir


About 146 km from Hurghada. Al-Quseir is a location that is distinct from the resort-oriented cities that dominate in the Red Sea region. Once a major port city in the Middle Ages. Al-Quseir has managed to keep its distinctive coral-block architecture. Its narrow squiggles of roads are surrounded by colorful crumbling structures that boast the mashrabiya (lattice) window as well as painted doors.

A Fort is situated in the middle of the old town. However, the true pleasure of a visit to this fort is simply wandering the alleyways. Looking at the shabby, deteriorating architecture, and relishing the delightful sensation that time has not forgotten this enchanting spot.

Hurghada’s Souq & Marina

Hurghada City Tour
Hurghada City Tour

The most storied resort in Egypt, Hurghada rose to fame due to its proximity to incredible dive sites off the coast and also for what was an enclave of Bedouin settlement has transformed into a bustling. A thriving city that stretches all along its Red Sea coastline.

While diving remains a key element to the popularity of Hurghada. This is Egypt’s most popular destination for package holidays. As well as thousands of European travelers visit each season to get away from the frigid. Temperatures and soak in the sun in single- and two-week packages.

Central Hurghada town the modern marina has grown into a significant dining area with a wide range of restaurants and cafes to choose from. To shop, go for Ad Dahar Souq in the evening. This is where you’ll find the largest selection of souvenirs and local crafts in Hurghada. There are also many local cafés selling shisha. As well as tea and the thick Arabic coffee from this region.

El-Gouna’s Resort Life

About 30 km to the north Hurghada, El-Gouna plays the role of a swish little sister to its aged brother further down the road. El-Gouna is a totally planned modern resort town that is focused on luxurious resorts living in holiday complexes and villas for rent.

There’s an 18-hole tennis course and two marinas as well as a dozen luxury and mid-range hotels completely equipped to provide sun and water sports all day long.

El-Gouna is also the home of Egypt’s one and only outside cinema (which shows films at no cost) as well as. The Culturama is located in Alexandria’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It also offers an interactive display of the Egyptian past in addition to an access point to the library’s massive array of ancient manuscripts on the internet.

4WD Desert Safari to Wadi al-Gimel


In the southern part of the red sea’s the Eastern Desert, around 336 kilometers to the south of Hurghada. The Wadi Gimel Protectorate is a stunning area that hides the remnants of Rome’s emerald mines. The most important archaeological site in the area lies in Sikait. That was the site of settlement for miners that were sent to extract precious green stone from deserted mountains.

An enclave of a small church dedicated to goddess Isis is carved on the face of the rocks and is surrounded by crumbling remnants of stone buildings. Nearby, there are the remains in Nugrus in which the mine actually was and two other small settlements are only a few kilometers away.

They once served as trading points. If you’re not interested in the story of the area the scenery is incredibly breathtaking. A stroll through this desert barren of scattered acacia trees as well as massive. Jagged mountains are equally worthwhile to see the scenery as it is for the archeological remains.

Marsa Alam’s Resort Life

Marsa Alam Snorkeling Trip with Dugong and Turtles (6)

The Marsa Alam area in Egypt’s most southern resort area and extends into the secluded south of Egypt. Marsa Alam is 284 kilometers south of Hurghada. The coast is lined with luxurious all-inclusive resorts and a few campsites for those with a budget.

If you’re planning to spend your spend their vacation here It’s all about peace, tranquility, and diving. This is the closest resort to Egypt’s renowned Fury Shoals diving spots that are regarded by experienced divers to be one of the best dive sites around the globe.

 In the distance of the beach and into the sea, Marsa Alam town has only a few amenities. That is different from Hurghada as well as El Gouna. Both provide numerous individual restaurants and cafes. It is a resort zone in which the majority of visitors stay at their hotel.

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