8 awesome things to do in hurghada

Things to do in hurghada
While you are in Hurghada has a countless things to do as it has a plenty of tourist attractions such as :
Hurghada marina , nice sandy beaches , sindbad submarine , straits of gubal , jeeb or quad biking safari in the desert ,camel backriding , astronomical activites, bedouin dinner and diving and snorkelling activities.
Historical information about Hurghada:
The village, which later evolved into what is now the city of Hurghada was settled in 1905. It acquired its name from a plant which has grown naturally since ancient times. By then it was only a fishing village. Oil was discovered in the area in 1913, but actual production and export only began in 1921 under British oil magnates. During the reign of King Farouk a recreational center was built in the city.Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century, and until a few years ago it was a small fishing village. But since the 1980s, it has been continually enlarged by Egyptian and foreign investors to become the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea. Holiday villages and hotels provide aquatic sport facilities for Windsurfers, kitesurfers,yachtman, scuba diver and snorkelers. Hurghada is known for its stunning watersports activities, nightlife and warm weather.
The most awesome things to do in Hurghada:
1- Boat hire
2- Dolphine safari
3- Shaab Abu Ramada – the Aquarium
4-Boat tours
5-Swim with dolphins
6-Dolphine & Whale watching cruise
7-Off road safari tours
8-El Gouna cable park sliders
9-Bars & Clubs
10-Shark Diving
11- Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda
12-Gifton island snorkelling day trip
13- Shopping in Hurghada

If you did not experience the following attractions, you were not on a real holiday in Hurghada:


Becuase Hurghada is one of the most popular and spectacular holiday destinations on the Red Sea coast, Hurghada is the perfect resort to visit. With so much to do, here are some good insights to make your dream holiday real :

Giftun Island

With some of the best deep-sea diving and snorkeling in the world, the beautiful coral reefs and beaches of Giftun Island are a must-see

Magawish Island

The perfect spot to experience Hurghada’s abundant colorful corals and fish, at Magawish Island you can also just sit on the beach and watch dolphins play in the waves.