About Egypt Tours and Activities

The land of the pharaohs is a Muslim country with a rapidly growing population with around 95 million inhabitants. The majority of the Egyptians live in the huge capital city Cairo and the cities of Alexandria and Giza. In Alexandria is the largest seaport of the country, of which about 80% of the Egyptian foreign trade is settled. One of the main sources of income in the country is tourism, especially in the tourist harbors of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. But also Luxor with the incredible sights is very frequent and gladly visited by tourists.

But the land of the pharaohs has much more to offer than many other places. There are few countries in this world that have a greater number of historical sites, excavations and places to visit than Egypt. The ancient pyramids of Giza, the ‘Karnak Temple’ or the ‘Valley of the Kings’ in Luxor, or the rock dungeons of ‘Abu Simbel’ on the west bank of Lake Nasser, in Egypt, are all evidence of the ancient empire and a lot more impressive sights in many parts of the country. Especially the city of Luxor is an inexhaustible place of historical finds. Here archaeological excavations take place, as indescribable many treasures of the ancient Egyptians and pharaohs have still not been discovered. Not only for lovers of historical history is a visit to all the impressive monuments of the glorious past of the proud Egyptians a must.

Of course, today visitors are an important source of income, which is coming not just to see the pyramids, but simply want to enjoy the ever-sparkling sun and the great Red Sea. The Red Sea is still one of the most species-rich seas in the world, with crystal clear water, which invites you to dive and snorkel. Beautifully maintained hotel facilities attract thousands of holidaymakers every year. Anyone who has ever wanted to swim in the wild with dolphins is the right place in this country. But also in cities like Cairo, Alexandria or Aswan, there are countless possibilities to spend a short visit or longer holiday. There is so much to discover and experience. Spend a wonderful time in the land of the pharaohs. We wish you a lot of fun.

About Tours and Activities in Egypt:-

Things to do in Alexandria:

  • Alexandria Beaches

Yes, Alexandria is not only an industrial city but also has great beaches to offer. Here you can enjoy a variety of different leisure activities throughout the year.

One of the most popular things to do in Alexandria is the great diving trips. Sign up for one of the dives and discover the ruins left by Cleopatra’s city in the wonderful waters. This is definitely one of the great tourist attractions in Alexandria.

For those who prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can simply lie in the sun on the various beaches and let your mind wander. Just relax and enjoy.

  • Abu Abbas al-Mursi-Mosque

Are you looking for special places to visit in Alexandria?

The ‘Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque’ was originally built in 1306 next to the tomb of al-Mursi’s. However, the Ministry of Religious Foundations decided in 1927 to tear down the old mosque and instead build a new mosque there.

A visit to this beautiful mosque, which is one of the tourist attractions in Alexandria, should definitely be a part of your visit to the city.

  • Visit Downtown

The main area for the souks (markets) in Alexandria begins at the Midan Tahrir and extends into the central city. Stroll through these alleys, and find everything your heart desires. Whether silver and gold jewelry, spices, perfumes and much more, here you can buy nice bargains.

Dive into the heart of the city to get to know the real life of the locals, rather than just looking at historical tourist attractions in Alexandria. Stroll through the streets and experience the wonderful flair of this beautiful city. You will be delighted by this atmosphere.


Tourist Attractions in Alexandria:-

  • Fort Qaitbey & Anfushi
After a short beach walk westward you will reach the historic ‘Fort Qaitbey’, a defense fortress built by the Mameluks Sultan Qaitbay in 1480. The fortress was built on the ruins of the ancient ‘Pharos Lighthouse’, one of the seven world wonders of antiquity. The debris of the ‘Pharos’ was used as building material. Today, the fort houses a Marines museum and a mosque.
After seeing these tourist attractions in Alexandria, you should continue to the ‘Anfushi Quarter’. There is a beautiful harbor, many restaurants, coffee houses, fish markets and busy shipyards. All day long here is a great and lively atmosphere.


  • Catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa

The ‘Komak Shoqafa’ catacombs are a historic site in Alexandria that is considered one of the seven worlds of the Middle Ages.
This site consists of a series of tombs, statues and historical objects of the Pharaonic funeral cults from the 2nd to 4th century AD.

Because of the long period of time, there are many different characteristics in the ‘Katamkomben of Kom el-Shoqafa’ with Roman, Greek and Egyptian elements.

For centuries this place had been forgotten until it was discovered by coincidence at the beginning of the 20th century when an ass collapsed the ground and so this place was found with more than 300 graves.

If you are still looking for interesting things to do in Alexandria, you absolutely have to descend to this somewhat spooky-looking place.

  • Pompey’s Pillar

The ‘Pompey Column’ is a Roman pillar in Alexandria. It is a free-standing column, the largest being built outside the main cities of Rome and Constantinople. The column height is impressive 26.85 meters, the average is 2.71 meters.

The weight of this huge column is estimated at an incredible 285 tonnes. This makes it one of the largest monoliths of antiquity and the world’s largest monolithic columns.

Since it is the only largely unaffected testimony of the Greco-Roman antiquity of Alexandria, it is, of course, a must to look at this column under all the tourist attractions in Alexandria.