All That you Need to Know about Hurghada, Egypt 2021

All That you Need to Know about Hurghada, Egypt 2021

About Hurghada:

Hurghada, or as it is called the city of magic and beauty, the bride of the Red Sea, the city is located in the southeast of Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea. Hurghada is a special 40km beach on the Red Sea coast. It is a sea of a special nature, as it contains beautiful natural treasures, charming views, and coral reefs that are more than millions of years old, in addition to rare fish. Therefore, Hurghada enjoys moderate weather, which is one of the tourist attractions. 

Top Tourist Attractions In Hurghada

God really loved this area with beautiful nature, and this is the major factor of tourist attractions in Hurghada, the wonderful sunny climate. Make the city special and whatever the country of the visitors, the good and mild climate will be the reason for the enjoyment.

We will take you on a journey to discover together more features about Hurghada city, we will show you the most attractive activities in Hurghada:

Top Sea Attractions In Hurghada

Tourists visit Hurghada looking for the wonderful sea attraction such as snorkeling or diving activities, which allow them to enjoy the weather and nature, we will cover all the sea activities, in order to get an idea about what you should look for when you are visiting Hurghada in terms of the red sea attractions and things to do.

1-Snorkeling in Hurghada

The Red Sea is rich and has types of beautiful and multicolored fish, which drives many tourists to book activities in Hurghada, to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Hurghada is one of the best destinations for snorkeling activities in the world, because of the unique and distinctive beauty of the undersea world. Looking for Top Snorkeling Tours In Hurghada, we will make it easy for you to find the best choices.

Top Snorkeling Spots In Hurghada

Orange Bay Hurghada

Sabina Reef is on the southern side of Giftun Island on a channel between 2 islands – Big and Small Giftun, famous for its beauty colorful corals and fishes 

Giftun Island Snorkeling

Small Giftun: Small Giftun Island is a national park, and it makes an enormous advantage as it’s one of the best snorkeling in the area.

Snorkeling Giftun Island

Banana Reef is a coral home that looks like a banana fruit in a way to Giftun Island.

Hurghada: Dolphin House Snorkeling day Tour with lunch and Drinks

Shaab El Erg: The Dolphin Hause, In the north between Hurghada and El Gouna, there were you see schools of dolphins  


Abu Galawa Reef: sailing 60 minutes by yacht, to the north of Hurghada. It is a special location famous for live corals and fishes 

Snorkeling Giftun Island

Shaab Abu Nagar : Around El Gouna, about 90 minutes by boat from Hurghada Snorkel for amazing corals and Dolphins  

Top Snorkeling Activities In Hurghada 2021

Giftun island

Book Top Rated Trip

Enjoy Snorkeling Activites

Relax and Stress Free

Chill on the Island and enjoy admirable weather

Have Fun

Have a Adrenaline dose by funny waterspouts

Take a Trip to Giftun Island: Snorkeling around the magical island the island is 1 Hour away sailing by boat from Hurghada, it’s considered as a national park it is one of the top tourist attraction from Hurghada, the island has a fascinating nature and wonderful underwater world.

Book A tour to the Dolphin Hause Reefs (EL Arak ): Is a wonderful Activity you will enjoy watching the dolphin and maybe swim with them, as well as, in this tour you can enjoy snorkeling between beautiful fishes and amazing corals.

Go to Orange Bay (Orange Island) on the giftun island a magical beach with white sand and crystal water. You may relax, have fun or swim on the beautiful beach 

2-Diving in Hurghada

In Hurghada, you can do all the diving activities, the underwater beauty world, and its perfect spots for Diving Hurghada come with many spots Diving. As well as many diving activities, such as.

  • Scuba Diving
  • PADI Diving Courses
  • Wreck Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Liveaboard safaris in Hurghada

You will find in the following all about diving.

diving in sharm el sheikh

Top Diving Spots in Hurghada 2021

Diving Tour Abu Ramada

Island, Abu Ramada Diving Site: Located south of the Giftun Island National Park about 1 hour sailing by Boat From Hurghada. It has three charming dive sites: 1-Erg Abu Ramada 2-Abu Ramada South 3-Abu Ramada North.

diving tour in hurghada

Careless Reef: in the north direction, about 1 hour away from Hurghada. the Careless reef is known as one of the best dive sites around Hurghada.

diving tour

El Fanadir: Sailing around 30 Min from to the north, Hurghada is known as the longest reef and one of the best sites for diving in Hurghada 

Diving Sharm El Sheikh

El Fanous is around 30 min sailing from Hurghada. There in the area, El Fanous divers make two dive spots: 1 on the east side and 2on the west side.


The Hamda is on the northeast of the Big Giftun Island national park, about 60 minutes of sailing by boat from Hurghada. the region arranged under a few stone developments straight over a white rock seashore

Snorkeling Giftun Island

Abu Galawa is in the diving region north of Hurghada and has 6 dive destinations that can be plunged at Abu Galawa, Shaab Abu Galawa, Sachwat Abu Galawa.

Top Diving Tours in Hurghada

3-Submarines in Hurghada

Top Submarine Tours

Sindbad Submarine: Do not miss the chance to dive into the depths of the oceans with a real submarine. Experience a fascinating adventure in Hurghada with a unique and entertaining ride in the Sindbad submarine. You will have a glimpse of length pastime. Let our team pick you up at your hotel and bring them to the harbor.

Sea Scope: Climb aboard the fascinating semi-submarine and explore the underwater world from Hurghada. Semi-submarine has large picture windows and a dive deep. This gives you the best view underwater, especially near reefs.


Top Desert Safari Sites, Tours and Activities 2021

About Safari In Hurghada

Hurghada has fantastic nature from the seaside and desert side as well, The average height of the Red Sea mountains is between 300-1000 meters, although many of its peaks are over 1500 meters high, It is one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, therefore you will have unique experiences, enjoying the desert atmosphere and the stunning mountains views. find more about top desert spots in Hurghada Redsea.

Top Safari Sites In Hurghada

South Hurghada Bdeouin village

Full Day Desert Safari with Bedouin BBQ from Hurghada

Makadi bay Sea, Desert, and Mountains

Sahara Desert

Top Safari Tours

1-Quad Tours

Hurghada: 3-Hour Desert Safari Trip Quad Bike, Camel Ride, And Bedouin Village, this trip you can book at different times from 09.00 am till 16.30 pm Learn more about Quad Tour Here

2-Jeep Safari

Experience the desert on a 4WD Land Cruiser safari from Hurghada. Drive through the desert, climbing sand dunes on the way to a Bedouin village. Ride a camel, enjoy a traditional dinner and show, and watch the sunset from the top of a mountain.


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