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Blue Hole

Dahab, formerly a small fishing village, is now a delightful diver’s paradise, with some luxurious hotels and some luxurious beachfront apartments sprung up together. It is a 1-hour taxi ride from Sharm El Sheikh Airport. If you are looking for a place full of soul and charm in the Red Sea. This is the ideal destination.

For those who prefer to enjoy the sun, luxury hotels mainly located in the outskirts of Dahab are a good choice. Diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, sunbathing, and hunting in the neighboring Sinai Peninsula /Mountaineering is one of the main attractions.

There are many diving sites in or nearby Dahab, including world-famous coral reefs such as canyons and blue holes just a short distance from the jeep. Several “family coral reefs” offer excellent diving and snorkeling in the city center.

The best hotels in Dahab often organize diving excursions to two destinations. Dahab is located on the South Sinai Peninsula, not far from Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery. You can also organize a desert jeep or camel tour. You will most likely spend the evening at one of the many seafood restaurants along the coast, most of which are great value for money.

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The Top 12 Things to Do in Dahab

Compared with the ancient pyramids or the busy streets of Cairo. The Red Sea coast offers an entirely different view of Egypt. Dahab, located 95 kilometers north of the famous resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, was once a sleepy Bedouin fishing village.

Today, it is a laid-back bohemian beach town, popular with backpackers and recognized as one of the best diving destinations in Africa. Although diving is undoubtedly the central place where Dahab has gained fame. There are many other activities to choose from inside and outside this Sinai gem. Many of them were inspired by the vicinity of the Sinai Desert.

Learn to Scuba Dive

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of the underwater world, Dahab is a great place to go. There are over 40 diving centers to choose from, and the warm, clear conditions are perfect for beginners.

Those on a budget will also realize that Egypt’s Red Sea coast is one of the cheapest places in the world to get certified scuba diving. The entry-level open water course takes three to four days to complete. After which you can sign up for fun diving in Dahab’s best diving locations, such as Bells, Canyon, and Gable Binte offshore coral reefs.

Dive the Blue Hole

Dahab Blue Hole is an underwater sinkhole with a depth of over 330 feet/100 meters. It is not the most beautiful diving spot in the area, but it is undoubtedly the most famous. It is especially popular with technical divers and advanced free divers because its impressive depth provides the opportunity to test your skills to the limit.

The arch (a 26-meter-long tunnel that extends from the blue hole to the open ocean) is considered the ultimate challenge of free diving. Many divers lost their lives in this notorious place, known locally as the diver’s cemetery. Recreational divers should stick to shallow waters.

Blue Hole
Blue Hole

Discover the SS Thistle gorm,

Egypt offers day trips to SS Thistle gorm, one of the most iconic shipwrecks in the world. This British freighter was drafted into the army during World War II and sank in 1941 after two German bombers.

 It was loaded with Allied supplies, including ammunition boxes, armored vehicles, military motorcycles, weapons, and aircraft parts. Jacques Cousteau rediscovered the SS Thistlegorm in 1955. It is over 400 feet/120 meters, is in relatively shallow water. Its war cargo is still clearly visible.

 Thistle gorm
Thistle gorm

Go Kitesurfing or Windsurfing

Dahab has an average of 300 windy days a year and is also a paradise for kite surfers and windsurfers. Two sheltered lagoons provide safe and flat waters, perfect for beginners of any sport. While top attractions such as Baby Bay provide ideal conditions for freestyle surfers.

Beyond Napoleon Reef, the open ocean will raise waves of up to 3 meters. Suitable for advanced cyclists looking for more significant challenges. At the peak of summer, the wind blows almost constantly, and the water is smooth. Several shops in Dahab offer kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons and equipment rental services.

kite serf
Kite surfing

Take a Trip to Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Galum Protectorate is a natural paradise and Bedouin camp located north of the Blue Cave. You can walk, take a boat or join the camel safari park. Either way, the reserve is defined by its stunning landscape. With granite mountains meeting the Gulf of Aqaba, creating a dazzling contrast between ocher and blue.

Animals and plants include 167 kinds of rare desert plants and resident animals such as Nubian wild goat, striped hyena, red fox, etc.​​​ Snorkeling and diving are popular activities, as are overnighting under the stars in remote Bedouin camps.

Take a Trip to Ras Abu Galum

Snorkeling at the blue lagoon

Want to know what can be done in Dahab, Egypt? We should add then snorkeling in the blue lagoon to the list. The Blue Lagoon has beautiful beaches, and the shades of blue are perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling.


I had a bad experience in the Blue Hole. But that did not stop me from having a great snorkeling experience in the Blue Lagoon. Snorkeling has been on my wish list for too long; I just left it there. The underwater species is excellent. I was surprised by its calm and relaxation and finally enjoyed it. I can see myself diving back into the blue lagoon completely, not the blue hole, of course.

Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon
Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon

Ride on a Camel

Ride on a Camel In Dahab

Quad Biking in the mountains

If you want to enjoy the thrill of driving through the Dahab Mountains and admire the panoramic view of the desert region, this is one of the things you can do in Dahab, Egypt. Dust into space? It is one of the Dahab events you should not miss.

 I have never ridden a quad bike (aka ATV) before and found Dahab an ideal starting point. Downtown in the afternoon (watch the sunset on the mountain). Start the journey at the center of the quadrangle and drive to the dry river junction in the inner mountain. 

  • Stop at the wadi toilet to relax and have a snack for a few minutes. 
  • On the way through the desert to the shore of the Blue Lagoon and back to Dahab City. 
  • Simple facts about riding a quad bike in Dahab 
  • Anyone over 15 can do it alone 
  • Although experience is an added advantage, it is unnecessary to know how to drive a car to drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
Hurghada: Three-Hour Desert Safari Trip Quad Bike, Camel Ride, and Bedouin Village
Desert Safari Trip Quad Bike, Camel Ride, and Bedouin Village

Explore the Area on Horseback

If you do not like to travel by camel, please consider horseback riding. Several companies offer the opportunity to gallop along the beach or through the magnificent desert canyon to the oasis, where you can taste traditional Bedouin tea.

Those who want to learn more about Bedouin culture should spend the night at the Bedouin camp, including dinner and breakfast. Other horseback riding trips include trips to the Blue Lagoon (where you and your horse can swim) and horseback snorkeling trips. In the latter, you will ride along the beach to the cave, which is one of the best diving sites in Dahab.

Explore the Area on Horseback
Explore the Area on Horseback

Tap Into Your Spiritual Side

Dahab’s spirituality is excellent, and many hotels offer yoga, qigong, and meditation classes. Some yoga courses are specifically for freedivers, combining breathing techniques to help students increase their breathing residence time and achieve psychological balance underwater.

If you are looking for a more immersive yoga experience, look out for the full moon retreat in the nearby river valley, where the silence and tranquility of the desert help inspire your inner happiness. There are also multi-day retreats, combining beachside yoga classes with outdoor classes in the dunes and canyons of the Sinai Desert.

Visit St. Catherine’s Monastery

Want to change the scenery? Book a day trip to Santa Catalina Monastery. Located at the foot of Mount Sinai, it is one of the oldest monasteries globally and an important place of pilgrimage. It was built in the 5th century AD during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, where it is said that Moses heard God speak to him in the burning bushes.

Today, an endemic shrub that grows in the monastery is considered a direct descendant of the shrub, and the Sacred Sacristy Museum houses world-renowned religious icons, artworks, and manuscripts.

Climb Mount Sinai

Most hikes on Mount Sinai start in the evening and take you to the summit in time to watch the sunrise on the peaks of Mount Sinai and the distant Gulf of Aqaba. The mountain is 2,285 meters/7,497 feet high, making climbing a significant physical achievement.

It is also a spiritual experience because you will follow in the footsteps of countless Christians, Jews, and Muslim pilgrims, all of whom are drawn to the place where Moses accepted the Ten Commandments. There are two routes to Mount Sinai; the more tolerant camel trail or the confession steps, which are 3,750 steps carved in the 6th century.


Best Time to Visit Dahab

Are you worried about tourists flocking to or closing Dahab time when planning a trip? The best time to visit Dahab is when you can fully immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about such troubles.

 Dahab has a pleasant climate, and activities are best during this period in Dahab. If you are thinking about when to go to Dahab, please visit Dahab in the best way, where you can have an unforgettable experience without worrying about minor issues.

 Dahab weather from January to April: 

warm and pleasant temperatures during the day combined with proper air humidity, make this the best time to visit Dahab. The weather is sunny, with an average temperature of 65 ℉, perfect for exploring Dahab with slippers. The average rainfall during this period was 7.32 mm. 

Dahab Weather in May: 

Although the dry air may make you rush to grab a bottle of moisturizer more often, the temperature is the best temperature for travel. The average temperature is 83°F. The highest temperature this month was 102 ℉, which only reached 63 ℉. A good time to visit Dahab is also the peak tourist season. The average rainfall recorded at this time was 0.91 mm.

 Dahab weather from June to August: 

The sun is shining in Dahab, and the average temperature is 89 ℉. The air is dry, and you can easily explore outdoor activities. The highest temperature recorded was 106°F, and the lowest temperature was 72°F. The average rainfall recorded was 0.98 mm. 

Dahab Weather from September to December:

If you like sunny weather that will not affect your travels and will not sweat as hot as you explore the beautiful places in Dahab, now is yours the best time! The temperature ranges from 45 ℉ to 100 ℉, with an average temperature of 75 ℉. This is the ideal time to visit Dahab. The average rainfall recorded at this time was 1.46 mm.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Dahab

 Jaz Dahabeya

This luxurious 4-star hotel offers stunning views of the Red Sea and Mount Sinai. The hotel has a lagoon pool, massage, and sauna. Set in a beautiful garden, Jaz Dahabeya offers elegant rooms with satellite TV and a balcony. Some rooms offer pool and garden views. For those who want to stay fit, Jaz Dahabaya has a fully equipped gym.

 Water sports activities such as surfing, scuba diving, and scuba diving (surcharge) are available. Experience the light and beauty at our spa, which offers rejuvenation and rejuvenation treatments, massages, relaxation programs, saunas, and beauty treatments for a fee. Kids can relax while playing at Dahabaya Playground.

The Le Palmier restaurant serves Mediterranean and international cuisine. Regional specialties can be enjoyed on the terrace of the Sea Pearl restaurant. All-inclusive rates include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and soft drinks. The center of Dahab is 3 km away. Abram National Park is less than a 10-minute drive away.

Le Meridien Dahab Resort

Le Méridien Dahab is located in the heart of Sinai and overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba. There are five swimming pools and an artificial lake. The bathroom is equipped with luxury accessories. All rooms have a private balcony or terrace and a flat-screen satellite TV.

 All modern rooms at Le Méridien Dahab are decorated in warm, rustic tones and have a living room with large windows, velvet beds, clean white linens, and comfortable sofas. A tea/coffee maker is provided. The hotel’s four restaurants, including Shish Terrace serving alfalfa cuisine, serve various international and Asian cuisines.

The Horizon Bar serves cocktails and light fare. Le Méridien Dahab Resort has a surf center and two tennis courts. Guests can use the sauna, play billiards and basketball and work out in the fitness center. Kids can have fun at the Penguin Kids Club, and free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby. Le Meridien Dahab is a 45-minute drive from Sharm El Sheikh.

Swiss Inn Resort Dahab

This 4-star Dahab Resort has a beautiful private beach on the Red Sea coast. The hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool with a children’s pool, four restaurants, and a diving center. The bright and welcoming rooms and suites at Swiss Inn Resort Dahab feature modern amenities such as private balconies and spacious living rooms with satellite TV.

Some rooms offer sea or beautiful garden views. The restaurant offers all-day tents and a hearty buffet under the roof. There is also Lokanda Sport and Bar, and the beach bar serves cocktails and motels with fresh fruit. Do aerobics in the fitness room in Dahab, Switzerland, or unwind with a soothing massage in the spacious fitness area.

The children’s resort has an expertly supervised playground and a kids’ club. Swiss Inn Resort provides transfers to and from Dahab city center and a shuttle service to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. The resort offers a unique safari across the Sinai Peninsula with camels, horses, jeeps, and quadrupeds.

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