What Our Customers Says About Egyptra.

What Our Customers Says About Egyptra.

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We always talk about the facts about Egypt and Tourist Destinations. In this Post we would like to share some Amazing experiences of Our Travellers and what they like in Egypt and Egyptra Travel Services.

egyptra customer reviewsHere we are sharing Some Awesome Experiences of Our Customers who enjoy here with us.

Julia Klimov recommends Egyptra Travel ServicesSeptember 6 at 3:57 PMWe booked the quad safari tour and are completely satisfied. Very nice people on site. Even driving with the quad went long enough so everyone came to his expense. Just recommend.

It was really great. A super team and all very kind ❤️Dolphin swimming was great. The food on the boat was great. Snorkeling as well. Very very dear people. 🤗

 Mohamed Cheikh reviewed Egyptra Travel Services — 5 star August 15It was an amazing experience, we saw dolphins, my kids have been impressed by the beautiful fishes. The teams is really sympatic and took care of us during the whole trip. I recommend this excursion, probably one of the best in red sea

Florian Wieschollek recommends Egyptra Travel ServicesAugust 24Im großen und ganzen ein gelungener Ausflug. Transfer vom Hotel und zurück hat einwandfrei und pünktlich geklappt. 👍🏻Super nettes Team und für jeden Spaß zu haben. Lediglich die etwas lange Fahrt zum Spot und das hektische Schnorcheln in der Gruppe ist nicht so schön, jedoch bei der Anzahl der Touristen nicht zu vermeiden. Es gab Verpflegung und zubereitetes Essen an Bord, sowie genügend zu trinken. Zum Schluss noch Bananenboot und Sofa. Rundum ein gelungener Ausflug 😊👌🏻

 Nikita Feustel reviewed Egyptra Travel Services — 5 star July 29
Trips were great! Included travel & food! We were added to Group chats to let us know when we were getting picked and the drivers gave us a very fun and unforgettable journey to our destinations�

How to Find the Right Travel Agent

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Travelling is the part of life and can you believe anyone in this world has never travelled ever?. The answer is NO NO NO.

Travelling is next important part life as we can’t live without travelling. But the same way we need proper guidance when we travel. Without guidance we can’t travel the single mile in overseas countries.

This post we will guide you about finding your perfect travel agent when you are booking for overseas travel.

  1. Read Facebook Review: Social Media is Great Platform where you can check the reviews about any business. You can check the reviews of your agent on social media platform. read the genuine reviews on the Facebook pages and then you can take decision about that agent. Similarly Egyptra have great custom reviews on social media platforms. You can review reviews about Egyptra through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


You can read our Facebook Review by clicking Here.

   Julia Klimov: We booked the quad safari tour and are completely satisfied. Very nice people on site. Even driving with the quad went long enough so everyone came to his expense. Just recommend.

Steffi Kohler: It was really great. A super team and all very kind ❤️
Dolphin swimming was great. The food on the boat was great. Snorkeling as well. Very very dear people. 🤗
  1. Check There Website: Please check there website first and check for all the services they provide. It is important to anyone that check the website first. If the agent is authentic they must have their website and on the website appealing and information you can judge the authenticity of the agent.


  1. Read Disclaimer: It is important to read there disclaimers and terms and conditions. This is not highlighted in many cases but we should must read all terms and conditions before approaching them,


Mohamed CheikhIt was an amazing experience, we saw dolphins, my kids have been impressed by the beautiful fishes. The teams is really sympatic and took care of us during the whole trip. I recommend this excursion, probably one of the best in red sea


  1. Your Packages: Know in details about which package you are going to buy. So please do proper comparison about the packages and Pricing they provides in. most cases prices varies from customers to customers. So you can save you cost here.


  1. Contact to agent: Once you clear with your Travel agent just call them ask them for service and rates. If the agent responding well that means they are good at services. The service factors concludes in many way but if the agent is taking proper follow-up that means you are important to them and only they can provide you proper service to you. if they stopped following up that means they are not interested to provide you any service.


The selection of agent is very important point of journey otherwise many people will cheat you and ultimately your trip will become disaster for you.


If you need any help related to travel you can Contact us @

Hadaba Sheraton Hurghada
Hurghada 84511
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5 Things That Will Surprise You About Traveling in Egypt

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Egypt is wonder place and you will amaze with many factors of Egypt. In fact you will visit again and again. Here i would like to share some amazing facts of Egypt that you will surprise when you visit Egypt.

Food of Egypt: Here food is amazing and you will start love the food here, the Egyptian dish is the one my favorite, go for a bowl of Kushari .  It’s a mixture of rice, pasta, lentils, and chickpeas, topped with onion and a tomato sauce. It’s known as the national dish of Egypt, and can be had extremely cheaply less than 1 dollar that’s it.

The kids especially the Loving One: You will like the kids over here. They are friendly. Just start talking with any kid over here and you will get many kids friends. They are polite and loving. At many major sites you will constantly being approached by young Egyptians asking us for selfies.

Tips Needed: If you took any service people must expect some tips from you. Poor people will always wait for you and they expect something from you will reward them as TIP. Often referred to as “baksheesh,” you’ll be asked to tip for everything from a porter bringing your bag to your hotel room to someone handing you a paper towel in the bathroom. This is called as Baksheesh the Egypt.

All the ancient sites: Egypt is History and Its all covered with some Historic place. One main thing about Egypt is there old culture and still the old culture is existing in egypt. Even you are any part of the world you can see many amazing historical facts only in Egypt.

Peoples Life: People are simple here; they talk polite and Enjoy the life here. Its all safe here due to nice people over here. it’s not you feel different. People here will support for any help you needed. so nothing to worry about your journey.

It’s good with a guide: To Know better you must have hire a Guide. To know about history here I think Egypt is definitely a place to visit with a local guide. I know many people prefer to travel independently, but this is a country where you get a lot more out of the experience when you have someone with you who is knowledgeable about the history, the religion, and the present-day culture of the country.

So if you are planning to Travel Overseas Trip. You can visit egypt. It’s the best place of the world you can travel with your family and Enjoy. For More information about Egypt travel you can contact us. Visit : www.egyptra.com


Facts about Hurghada You Should Know

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Hurghada is a great place to travel you all will get something for you. If you like to spend some time in place where you can enjoy with your family and experience something new then Egypt is the best place to travel. In this blog we are sharing facts about Hughada and its History

When Hurghada was founded?

The city was founded in the early 20th century, and until a few years ago it was a small fishing village. But after few years its evolved as the favorite travel destination for many travellers from the world.

How the temprecture of the Hugharda?

Daily temperature hovers round 30 °C (86 °F) most of the year, during July and August temperatures reach over 40 °C (104 °F). So its not hot like any desert place. Yu can easily manage this temprecture and enjoy yor holidays.

How Hughada is divided into?

Hurghada counts 248,000 inhabitants and is divided into:
• El Ahia and El Helal, the northern part;
• El Dahar (Downtown) is the old part;
• Sekalla is the city center;
• El Kawsar is the modern part;
• El Memsha (Village road) is pedestrian road stretching over 4 km.

History of Hurghada

Hughada was the village, which later evolved into what is now the city of Hurghada, was settled in 1905. Oil was discovered in the area in 1913, but actual production and export only began in 1921 under British oil magnates.

Demoghaphics of Hughada

Total 288,233 inhabitants live in hurghada and 20,000 Russians in Hurghada Egypt’s largest Russian population, though only about 3,000 were officially documented.

Famous Resorts near Hurghada
El Qoseir, Makadi Bay, Sharm El Naga, Soma Bay, El Gouna and El Mahmya are some famous places in hurghada where you can enjoy with your family.

Hurgahda is famous for Travel and Enjoyment. The nightlife of Hurghada is best in the world.

How to Make Your Holidays More Exciting With Luxury Egypt Tours

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In the season of holidays, Egypt turns into the mix of advancement and immortal excellence of nature and development that makes it a standout amongst the most charming spots on the planet as far as tourism. Generally, the traveler’s segments of Egypt are ordered into a desert garden, the Nile Valley, deserts and Sinai locale and the Red Sea. Moving between these bits is simple, and it is extremely simple to book an occasion that consolidates various encounters on an excursion.

It is no more a mystery that Sinai and the Red Sea are among the most well known and quickly developing destinations on the planet. Extravagance Egypt Tours offer an exemplary affair of going with sand dews, radiant sun and an immense scope of exercises like desert trips, hitting the fairway, climbing and visiting common parks. To appreciate the extraordinary fun of voyaging, one should couple the well disposed of air with different exercises that will turn out to be more upbeat with family.

Extravagance Egypt visits will take you to Egypt inside a couple of hours via plane, the smooth ride will give you ensured comfort with gentle daylight and cool wind. The zone of shocking view is immaculate to investigate, appreciate and unwind with water and submerged exercises. The Sinai Peninsula covers an expected region of around 61,000 km. The outskirts are the Gulf of Suez toward the West that parts Africa from Asia and the Gulf of Aqaba toward the East. In the Northwest bearing, around 200 km. the region is involved by the Mediterranean Coast. Segregated and protected by superb mountains, the Santa Catalina Monastery is one of the significant attractions in this segment.

The Egyptian Red Sea Coast begins from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese outskirt which lies in the north heading. It lies inverse to Sinai which is situated on the east bank of territory Egypt. The dry limestone valleys and bluffs of the eastern desert stay covered up yet the Red Sea and coral reefs build up a rich history to the season of Pharaohs.

The goal “Individually”

The most enticing thing about this zone is that it gives boundless energy with regards to appreciating occasions in the most ideal way. Featuring goals of “Individually” are El Gouna, Hurghada where you can appreciate sports and serene plunge at Marsa Alam. Try not to miss to unwind in the complex of Porto Ghalib, rest in Nuweiba and sunbath in Taba. Likewise, visit Sharm-El-Shiekh and Dahab to appreciate the nightlife of Egypt.

A mix of extravagance

Egypt visits more often than not join alluring goal visit to take the enjoyable to another level, consolidate the shoreline occasion with an outlandish outing to the Valley of Kings and Pyramids. Appreciate short excursions via plane, with the goal that you won’t miss any snapshot of extravagance in Cairo. Submerge yourself in the pool and absorb up the fortune of Egypt.