Best 10 Things to Do in Dahab

things to do in dahab

Despite the many exciting things in Dahab and a great vacation destination, travelers still visit many places. The majority of tourists are familiar with Sharm el-sheik and Hurghada, but some decide to spend their vacation in Dahab. Dahab is 9 hours by bus from Cairo and 1 hour by plane to Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

Take a one-hour taxi from Sharm El Sheikh Airport to enthusiastically see what Dahab offers. Located in a geographically perfect location along the Red Sea, it is surrounded by the beautiful Sinai Mountains, which offer the perfect view for those who want to relax.

 The tranquility of this beautiful environment is the perfect place for a vacation. For me, I had a great opportunity to explore this small town of Dahab. Don’t be foold by the size of this city. It has a lot of exciting activities to do, and this is where this post comes to give you details of what to do in Dahab and where to visit in Dahab.

Exciting Things To Do In Dahab

Snorkeling At The Blue Hole

Blue Hole Dahab

The Blue Hole, north of Dahab on the Red Sea coast, is considered one of the deadliest diving centers in the world. The depth of the hole is 100m, so this wonderful dive spot has killed more than 100 people.

 Therefore, Egyptian authorities only allow snorkeling and diving to divers who are eligible to participate in certified diving training. Blue holes are best known for diving, but many people snorkel to experience and see the beauty of submarines. Blue hole underwater species include, but are not limited to, Red Sea clownfish, marine gold, and coral.

Snorkeling At The Blue Lagoon

Are you wondering what to do in Dahab, Egypt? Next, you need to add snorkeling in the blue lagoon to the list. The blue lagoon has beautiful beaches in various shades of blue, perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling.

After having a terrible experience in the blue hole, it didn’t stop me from having a great snorkeling experience in the blue lagoon. Snorkeling has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I left it as it is. The underwater seeds were great and I was amazed at how calm and relaxing it was and finally enjoyed it. You can see yourself jumping back into the Blue Lagoon instead of the Blue Hole.


diving dahab

Diving is arguably one of the most enjoyable things in Dahab, and some tourists travel to Dahab solely for the purpose of diving. There are many dive centers in Dahab. Some of the best known are not in a particular order.

  • Diving seeker
  • Shams Diving Center
  • Sea Dance Dive Center
  • Deep blue diver
  • Poseidon diver

 Ride On A Camel


The trip to Dahab can only be completed by riding a camel. Dahab’s most popular camel safari is a journey from the Blue Hole to Las Ogram. It takes about 1.5 hours and travels along the beautiful mountains and the coast of the Red Sea. Can be included in the trip to the blue hole.

Quad Biking In The Mountains

Sharm El Shaikh Quad dahab

If you want to enjoy the thrill of driving through the Dahab mountains and enjoy the panoramic views of the desert areas, this is one of the things you can do in Dahab Egypt.

 Do you enjoy taking control of the wheels and accelerating, kicking up dust into space? This is one of the Dahab activities not to be missed. I had never ridden a quad (aka ATV) before and found Dahab to be the ideal place to start. I booked an ATV trip with the ATV center in the afternoon hours (to see a sunset in the mountains).

Started the journey in the quad-center, drove up to the wadi connections in the inner mountains. He stopped in the wadi bath to relax and have a snack for a few minutes. Embark on the road through the desert and onto the shores of the Blue Lagoon and back to the city of Dahab.

Biking At The Beach

quad beach dahab

Riding a bike and enjoying an outdoor adventure on the beach is one of the main activities in Dahab. With many paved bike paths along the sea, biking is the easiest and most common means of transportation within the city of Dahab.

And another fun way to exercise while on vacation. Renting a bicycle in Dahab costs approximately 15 Egyptian pounds per hour or 90 Egyptian pounds per day.

Relaxing At The Beach

beach dahab

Wondering where to go in Dahab on a cold day? Why not go to the beach? I mean, what is a Dahab vacation without spending a day (or two, three…) at the beach? On a sunny day, clear blue sky in the afternoon, pack your swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, towels under control and head to the beach. With your feet in the sand and laps on the Balencia lounger, what better way to spend a day at the beach than this.

Interact With The Locals

dahab bedouin

Dahab is a small city and everyone seems to know everyone. Because of this, the locals are super friendly and always happy to chat with tourists. They are worth meeting and, in particular, this family that I met. They had a small restaurant that I ate at one point.

what started as a friendly greeting turned out to be a great friendship with the whole family throughout the stay in Dahab. And every now and then they invited me to have free tea with them. They taught me a lot about Egyptian culture, shared stories, and generally made me feel welcome in Dahab.


At Dahab you can find everything you need for your perfect windsurf holiday, including 300 windy days a year, 2 centers, 3 windsurf and 2 kite areas, the latest equipment, professional courses as well as personal consulting and support for unlimited action on the water.

The 2 Harry Nass Centres in Dahab are the biggest JP/Neil Pryde centers in the world with more than 250JP boards and Neil Pryde sails. The rigging team is at your service and happy to help you choose the correct board and sail size.

Enjoy The Nightlife Of Dahab

Taking a walk is one of the best things to do in Dahab at night. This is a fun way to see the whole city and feel how the locals enjoy the Dahab nightlife.

 In Dahab, people mainly walk at night around 7 pm. This is the time when children come out to play, locals gather and share stories while drinking tea and smoking shisha.

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