Best Luxury Resort Cities Near Hurghada, Egypt

Its fascinating history goes back to the beginning of civilization; Egypt is considered the oldest of all destinations on earth. The African country’s stunning pyramids and temples have captured the attention of tourists for hundreds of years.

While most visitors come to Egypt to see its ancient monuments, its natural attractions attract tourists. Its Red Sea coast is known for its coral reefs as well as beach resorts. A walk through the Sahara will lead you to a refreshing freshwater pool.

Hurghada Resorts
Hurghada Resorts

Cities Near Hurghada in Egypt

Hurghada is a resort city located on the shores of the Red Sea. Easily reached by a bumpy six-hour bus journey from Cairo. It’s a much-loved option compared to Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab and is one of the top tourist destinations in Egypt. However, that’s understandable since Hurghada has plenty to like with its numerous beaches and warm water.

It was once a tiny fishing village; this renowned resort town boasts numerous luxury hotels along the beaches but focuses primarily on relaxation. 

The region known as the Red Sea in Egypt is renowned for the excellent diving opportunities and stunning coral reefs that can be found in the waters just offshore. Other water sports, like windsurfing and snorkeling as well as jet-skiing, are also well-known.

For those who want to observe the fantastic underwater life below, various companies offer glass-bottom boat excursions.

Hurghada is highly sought-after by Eastern Europeans, especially Russians who make up hundreds of thousands who visit every year. Many tourists mix their trip here with trips to other famous places within the Nile Valley. Including the more nearby town of Luxor.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay

There are many activities to enjoy in Makadi bay, the shining jewel in the Red Sea Rivera. The striking contrast between turquoise waters and the magnificent Eastern desert landscape can be used to create a stunning photograph that reveals the true beauty of tropical life.

 A mere 30 kilometers of Hurghada is a sanctuary of natural treasures that offer peace of mind. Tranquillity and the opportunity to make unforgettable vacation memories for the rest of your life. In our guide, we’ll give you the top activities to enjoy in Makadi bay. So, let’s start:

Things to do in Makadi bay:

A Snorkeling Tour in Makadi Bay:

In the clear waters in Makadi Bay, Makadi bay is a sanctuary of stunning sea creatures and vibrant reefs that live in perfect harmony, offering the most incredible view of life in the marine environment.

The snorkeling experience you can enjoy in Makadi bay can be the best recreational excursion. You could ever experience the beauty of the red ocean where every heavenly view of beauty can be seen.

Diving Tour in Makadi Bay:

Under the water of Makadi bay lies a little piece of heaven that houses a range of stunning sea life species that includes rare species of fish and coral reefs that provide the best diving experience available anywhere in the world.

The wonders of marine life will lead you to an extraordinary life founded on beauty as well as harmony and balance.

Enjoy Camel Ride at Makadi Bay Desert:

Suppose anyone wants to discover the unique beauty of the desert in the East. In that case, the most effective method is to go on a camel from Makadi Bay ( Egypt )to the eastern Sahara with the stunning sunrise and sunset. When the horizon is adorned with the colors of heaven. You can witness the beauty of the traditional ways and the slow progress of this sand sea.

Desert Safari By Quads in Makadi Bay:

The enchanting ambiance of the stunning starry skies over an ocean desert in the eastern part of the world is a plethora of hidden wonders that demand exploration with the Super Safari by Quad to get the essence of genuine fascination and magic.

 The prestigious Bedouin culture is one of the most memorable experiences of your existence. You’ll be a part of people from the Bedouin people who cook exquisite meals such as chicken pie, rice, kofta, and potatoes cooked over natural coal made from all-natural ingredients and baked Bedouin bread.

After that, you will enjoy a fantastic Bedouin tea, accompanied by a fantastic oriental show with folklore-inspired songs.

Soma Bay

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay

One of the most hidden treasures situated along the eastern coastline that runs along the Red Sea lies the stunning area located in Soma Bay.

The activities available at Soma Bay ( Egypt ) are numerous. It’s a vast peninsula that is home to incredible marine life that is and a lovely tropical scene with the sun all year round and with pleasant temperatures. Making aquatic activities such as kites, winds and diving surfing, and snorkeling genuinely unique.

These are the top activities to enjoy during your stay in Soma Bay that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Things To Do in Soma Bay

Enjoy Snorkeling Excursions:

Soma Bay ( Egypt ) is a magical place that offers a memorable snorkeling trip in the magnificent water of the red sea. Marine wonders lurk beneath the surface of the sea in the form of fantastic sea creatures of a different kind and vibrant coral reefs that live in tranquillity and peace.

A snorkeling excursion is among the most enjoyable activities to take part in at Soma Bay that will make you see the best views of marine beauty and discover the hidden barrier that lies between the desert of the East as well as the sea of red.

 Experience Diving Tour:

The most memorable diving experience is found in the unique and rich marine park ecosystem. Soma bay, a magnificent entrance to the red sea. It is home to numerous superb coral reefs and sea creatures. Also, That can accommodate up to 1200 fish and 200 varieties of hard and soft coral species that can be found. Holding all the divers could think of.

 Numerous dive sites are heaven-like within the reef. Such as those at the Abu Soma Garden, Eas Abu Soma, Tobia Hamra, and others.

Enjoy Camel Ride at Soma Bay Desert:

A camel ride to soma bay is the unique way that everyone can experience during a safari trip, one of the most ancient methods of transport across the eastern desert.

 The unspoiled beauty that is the Sahara will display the magnificence and beauty of the sunrise and sunset over the horizon. While riding the camel and looking up. You’ll be able to see the sky filled with stars that are shining in front of you.

Desert Safari By Quads in Soma Bay:

As soon as everyone walks through the gates of the Sahara and enters the Sahara, they will be taken into a completely new world. An area that is full of natural wonders.

 An excursion on quad in the eastern desert, the ancestral home of the prestigious bedouin tradition, will surely provide a highlight of your existence.

After arriving, the Bedouin are served an exquisite meal of the finest ingredients. Like chicken pie rice, kofta and potatoes cooked on coal. They will also do delicious baked Bedouin bread. Then, afterward, you will be served a delightful Bedouin tea with an enjoyable oriental show accompanied by songs from folklore.

Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh

Did you get bored from spending your winter vacation at the same places and want a new destination? Then it’s Sahl Hasheesh! It is the spot that you’ve been looking for.

 Sahl Hasheesh is a bay located on the Red Sea coast, stretching from Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada. 

At Sahl Hasheesh, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains by the sea, which is very enchanting and astonishing. Besides how beautiful and perfect this place is, there are many enjoyable things to do in Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt.

Things to do in Sahl Hasheesh


Have you ever considered what the world beneath the sea appears like? So, there are various forms and hues of marine life and coral reefs that will leave. You to feel shocked and speechless at the beauty of their creation. It’s an enjoyment to be close to these adorable creatures and observe them in close.

Tourists visit from all over the world to Sahl HaSheesh to experience how beautiful The Red Sea is and explore the deep sea world. It is what snorkeling is all about. Are you excited, you say? Book your snorkeling adventure now!

Going on a Boat Trip:

What about spending the entire day on the shores of the ocean? This sounds fascinating. It is possible to take an excursion on a boat to Sahl Hasheesh. Where your views are of the beautiful mountain ranges from the Red Sea you can see during your trip. Also, amazing sun and blue sky.


The excitement of trying something new is always worth the effort. It’s true. Diving is among the most exciting activities to try in Sahl Hasheesh, which you shouldn’t skip.

 Exploring the underwater depths while being surrounded by vibrant marine life is fun and exciting. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and take the risk!

Wandering the Old Town Corniche:

The Old Town area is the center of Sahl Hasheesh. Where you take in the atmosphere of ancient architecture while enjoying the conveniences of modern-day living.

Its Old Town Corniche is along the coast of the sea. Where you can stroll along the Red Sea, shop at local shops during the walk, or sit in one of the cafés to relax by the sea view.



The coastal town Safaga is home to significant attractions like restaurants, resorts, movie theatres, leisure facilities, shops, museums, and bars.

A few of the things you can enjoy include snorkeling, diving, biking, hiking, canoeing, boating, sightseeing, birdwatching, and other activities. Also, the town is estimated to have 40,900 people living there and consider a trendy destination for tourists from all over the globe.

 Tourists can take in locations like Palm De Soma, Tubia Island, Jazirat Safajah, Sentido Palm Royale Resort, Soma Bay and many others. Find out more on the top activities to enjoy when visiting Safaga, Egypt.

Things to do in Safaga

Enjoy scuba diving in Panorama Reef:

Panorama Reef is a beautiful area home to a wide variety of sea life species and a dive depth that stretches several miles below sea level.

The reef’s oval shape is home to various natural scenic beauty from aquatic plants. Including the elkhorn coral, staghorn coral and stony coral Acropora. Furthermore, marine animals like clownfish. Napoleon, Eagle Rays, Longimanus, dolphins, and stonefish, and occasionally sharks you can see in this area.

Divers here will enjoy one of the most spectacular places to visit in the world. Experience a trip unlike any other.

Go to the remains of Mons Claudianus:

Explore and discover the rich story of the Mons Claudianus ruin. As you enjoy time with your loved ones or your family during your vacation. At the time of ancient times. Granodiorite was mined during the time of the Romans and was used to construct columns. As well as splits and the floors of temples and public baths.

 The ruins consist of an area for workers along with a garrison and a quarry. Location approximately 24.8 miles (40 kilometers) from the center of Safaga and 331 miles (500 kilometers) from Cairo. Also, the city is the capital of Cairo. It is a great place to have an unforgettable experience during your vocation.

Visit the Grand Mosque and Tower in Safaga:

Visit The Grand Mosque ( Egypt ) and enjoy the beautiful architecture and find out about its rich history. People from all over the world visit this region to experience the rich culture and diversity of the area.

The mosque is an important place to hold prayers, Eid al-Fitr, and Friday prayers. In addition, a mosque is a gathering place for the communities. People to have discussions about the issues that affect society. Bring your family or friends for an experience unlike any other.

Wander in the Safaga Old Market:

Take a look at the many items available on the Safaga ( Egypt ) Old Market as you walk through the. There is a wide range of things like ceramics, beads, utensils, porcelain and food items, and much more.

The market place near the port and within a one-hour drive from Safaga town ( Egypt ). You can stroll around the market while you peruse the numerous merchandise offered for sale at an affordable price.

People frequently visit the area to purchase a different collection of artifacts from the past. Also, visit with your friends, your spouse or your family members to experience a holiday like none other.

El Gouna

El Gouna

El Gouna sprang like an oasis from the deserts in the late 1980s and became one of Egypt’s most popular holiday destinations.

 It is located about 30km north of Hurghada, approximately 45 minutes with Uber away from Hurghada Airport. Use Uber’s guide for the things. You can do and see within El Gouna to get the best experience from your visit.

Things to do in El Gouna


Look at El Gouna’s canals and lagoons – the Venice of the Red Sea in Egypt provides a broad selection of beaches. All of the beaches in the resort are private, and several hotels own their beach area.

One of the most popular choices is Marina Beach. The home of Moods Restaurant and Beach Club and Zeytuna Beach, which is located on a private island and accessible via boat.

Abu Tig Marina:

Created with the help of Italian architectural firm Alfredo Freda. The Venetian influence of the center in El Gouna’s life is apparent. Also, it is the home of a harbor that has extravagant vessels, hotels, and numerous eateries and cafes. It’s the perfect spot for a stroll in the evening.

Tamr Henna Square:

The center of Downtown El Gouna in Egypt is this well-known square filled with palms, stores, and cafés with outside seating. It is a great place to unwind during the daytime. It gets busier in the evening, with numerous establishments offering live music or performances of traditional Tanura dance.


Deep walls, shallow reefs, and a variety of wrecks. Also, El Gouna ( Egypt ) provides a wide range of dives. Based on the spot, you’ll be able to observe turtles, leopard sharks, dolphins, as well as tuna. Get a course to become a certified PADI diver, or take a snorkel or mask to explore a new world.

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