Best Tours For Families With Children in Hurghada

Half or Full Day Boat Trip in Dahab

What do you want to do for your children and family in Hurghada? These are the things not to be missed for family holidays with children, toddlers, or babies. Explore the best places in Hurghada for children, whether it’s a water park, theme park, or playground. Children will have fun, learn new things, eat well, and will not get bored with long lines. Read on for wonderful places and activities in Hurghada to enjoy with your kids.


Go on vacation with children to El Gouna, an ideal destination for families, not far from Hurghada Airport. It is very flat, with a pier, almost like a town. The whole city has a golf course and iconic jogging track, so it is also great for me to spend some time and provide all-inclusive meals.


One of Egypt’s main attractions is the Red Sea. It’s alive here-colorful fish and bright corals are just below the surface of the water. However, young children cannot snorkel to see any of these. The glass bottom boat is a good introduction to the underwater world, and we must also drive the boat for a while. Be careful on those days when the sea is calm, because your glass-bottom boat trip may also turn into a dolphin-watching trip!

Sea scope Submarine Hurghada
Sea scope Submarine Hurghada


To cool off the heat, a water park is a good idea. From Hurghada, there are two main water parks: Makati Water Park and Jungle Water Park. After playing the excitement of the slide, rafting on the lazy river is a must!

Jungle Aqua Park Tickets
Jungle Aqua Park


This is not a comfortable trip, but I think you must do it in Egypt. Try to take a desert boat. Some hikes happen at sunset, which may be a bit romantic. When it is dark in Egypt, it is very dark and you are more likely to see the stars. There are also camel rides for stargazing tours, and some also provide food options.

Desert Safari
Hurghada: Desert Star-Watching Adventure by Jeep


Again, this is more suitable for older children than toddlers or babies, but it is still a fun thing. Usually, you will be taken to a central location by minibus and you will meet other tourists. After a while, you are on vacation, relax, they show you ATV, how it works, and then you will go out together.

You have a lot of dust, so take a paper towel to wipe your face before putting it on your quad, or buy a paper towel while you wait. The Egyptians will teach you how to wear a scarf. After crossing the desert, you will arrive at a small Bedouin village or at least a similar village. You can buy soft drinks or try a cup of hot sweet tea. Again, relax before returning to the ATV Depot, and then return to your hotel.

Sunset by the sea
Quad Bike Along the Sea

Sea Trips with Islands

Spend an admirable day out on the National Park Giftun Island and enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling trip. Ride on a boat in the Red Sea, the youngest sea in the world. Make two spots for a snorkel, and enjoy the chance to swim with over 1500 kinds of fish, coral, and lovely dolphins. Relax in the Giftun island national park, beach, and dine on a lunch buffet.

Giftun Island Snorkeling Luxury Boat Tour with Lunch and Drinks
Giftun Island Snorkeling Luxury Boat Tour with Lunch and Drinks

Mini Egypt Park

Mini Egypt Park is an open-air museum that displays mock-ups of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions, making you feel like a giant in a wonderland. It is a fantastic trip for all guests and a live catalog of the main tourist attractions in all of Egypt.

Mini Egypt Park
Mini Egypt Park Hurghada

Dolphin World Show

Visit Dolphin World’s incredible dolphin show, sea lions and sea cats show will leave you speechless. Dolphin and sea world stars perform a stunning array of flips, leaps, and twists, they even sing and talk. During this high-energy performance, our trainers demonstrate the dolphin’s tenderness and charm by diving right in to swim alongside them! Once you are sitting in one of Roman Theater from spectacle zone, watch out for waves and find charged of pure positive energy!

Dolphin Show
Dolphin Show in Grand Hurghada

Grand Aquarium

Discover the ” Red Sea in Glass” with an entrance ticket and tour of the Hurghada Grand Aquarium, one of Egypt’s newest, family-friendly attractions! Upon arrival at the park, enter a lush rainforest and visit the freshwater and marine aquariums. There you will encounter up to 1,200 species in a series of 24 galleries that describe the world’s natural ecosystems.

Grand Aquarium Hurghada
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