Day trip from Hurghada to the dolphins


The air-conditioned bus takes you to different hotels to pick up more guests. The journey takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. But that’s not bad, as you can see other hotels and a bit of Hurghada. Depending on which hotel you are of course.


Arriving at the boats, the Tour starts on the boats, because you should be a little bit attentive, because it can happen quickly, that you go on the wrong boat. Then when all are on the boat and it has filed, comes a tour guide and explains the Tour in German and English. Then you can relax a bit, until you have spotted the dolphins. In between, some fruit is served and you can get drinks at any time. There are: Water – Tea – Coffee – Cola and Fanta or Sprite / 7 Up.



If the dolphins are spotted, the guests, who can swim with the dolphins and you should be a good swimmer, are challenged to come down. When the time comes, everyone jumps in water, and you should make sure that no one swims in front of you or that you jump on the foreman’s head. It all goes very quickly, because the dolphins are free-living animals and come and go, when and where they want. But it is often the case that they are in a playful mood and return again and again, as long as you respectfully treat them. Then you drive a little further and go snorkeling together with the group, of course you can also go snorkeling alone. Here you can admire the reefs and the multitude of colorful fish.It’s so fascinating and breathtaking to see so many species at once. When the first snorkel stop comes to an end and you are back on the boat, there is a delicious lunch in buffet form.



After the meal you can relax a bit in the sun until it stops for the next snorkel. Here you go snorkeling on your own and can once again enjoy the variety of fish. Finally, you have the opportunity to drive banana boat and sofa cushions, which are included in the price. In between, then fruit is served again. After an eventful day, the boat then returns to the home port. .JIn the meantime, the photographer, who is on the boat all the time and takes pictures, asks if you would like to buy the photos. One pays a little something, so reasonably to have some money with you, maybe also for the tip



The DVD is usually brought in the evening or the next day to the hotel at the appointed time. It really is a great day at sea to get to know the habitat of the dolphins and the variety of fish and to be part of them for a while.

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From Hurghada:Swim With Dolphin Snorkeling Tour