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Snorkeling Tours Hurghada; Dolphin House Trips, Giftun Island, Sharm El Naga. Enjoy with book tour Egypt A wonderful Hurghada Snorkeling Trips and Boat Tours in the Red Sea, see the colored fishes and corals and explore Red Sea Trips and Boat Tours in Hurghada. Book Tour Egypt invites you to the red sea to see beautiful corals and Snorkeling near beautiful fishes. By big Boot to Giftun Island.Red Sea excursions Trip, Boat excursions, Utopia Island



Before we discreap about the amazing snorkeling tours in Hurghada,  we will refer here to what is makes Hurghada so special and more about red sea.

What is making Hurghada so special for snorkeling?

Hurghada has many activities and things to do make it very special , the red sea it is the youngest sea in the world and the most beautiful sea as well, the name of the red sea even comes from the colors of the corals and fish, Hurghada one of the amazing cities, it is really nice and healthy city, people who come to make vacation in Hurghada are not forgetting it and Hurghada  has many of repeater guests, they are coming to enjoy the sunshine and the amazing resorts, Hurghada starts from the north with amazing El gouna city has been built by Mr.Samih Sawiris he was searching for amazing area to build the very beautiful city beside the sea and he has done really one of the best cities in Egypt, El gouna tidy, clean and well-organized city, coming from el gouna in the way,  there is many spacial hotels in Ahyaa road till the downtown of Hurghada, many hotels along the way has been built with a fascinating entertainment  attracting customers from all the world, toawords the south there is also amazing area called Sahl hashesh, once you enter the gate of sahl hashesh expect you self-enter real paradise from its palms everywhere,  clean and has amazing hotels such as Baron Palace, which is one of the most expensive hotels in Egypt such hurghada  has many of interesting things to do and also the sea there is amazing for snorkeling, South Hurghada also has the next spot Makadi bay continue with a beautiful hotels and amazing, Makadi bay beside Hurghada has modern and good Hotels such Jaz Hotels, on the beach there  really interesting,  has a lot of fun also  in Makadi one of the best watersports in Hurghada in Hotel Serenity fun city in addition to  a beautiful spots in the sea for admirable snorkeling, more to the south soma bay this is really amazing spot for snorkeling it has the utopia island Tour there is well, snorkeling there is feels like somebody drew it under the water , there you will see unforgettable snorkeling views, the above and more in Hurghada makes it so special.


What are the Snorkeling activities & tours in Hurghada?

if you are looking for snorkeling tours in Hurghada so you have many things to do and trips you can find, in the following,  you are going to learn more about snorkeling Tours in Hurghada.


  • Giftun Island:

This is one of the most famous Tours in Hurghada and there are daily sea trips for Hurghada to Giftun Island, the island is gorgeous  and attracting million of tourist each year,  the trip starts from Hurghada coast hitting to the national park Giftun  Island, when you go for a trip to Giftun Island,  you will need to make your self-ready for amazing sunny day on the island there are many boat trips in Hurghada but Giftun island the must see spot in Hurghada, the boat trip to Giftun island normally has 2 spots for snorkeling, the boat stops in amazing red sea areas beside the island has corals and for sure a lot of fish coming to eat beside the corals, you will put your snorkeling equipment and start the amazing adventure in the red sea, many kinds of pleasures you are getting form this experience swim, watching amazing underwater creatures, sunshine, and admirable snorkeling activities, trip to Giftun island has lunch on the boat and drinks, you will relax on the boat and enjoy the fascinating blue red sea color, you have also chance to swim with dolphins and see kind of fishes you have never heard about.

-Dolphin House Snorkeling Tour (Swim with Dolphin trip)

Dolphin best seller trip in hurghada, it’s interesting and has a lot of fun trip has 3 Spots for snorkeling and watersports, Dolphin Tour starts from marina than bait take you in the red sea to the Noth, where you can see and get close to the Dolphins.

Utopia Island Snorkeling Tour in Soma Bay:

Hitting to the south toawrds soma bay, there the spots for snorkeling more you go to south more corals and kind of fish. For who is looking for snorkeling in fantastic spot utopia island is what you search for.

In addition to other trips such as sharm El Naga Hurghada Semester Submarine and more hit to Hurghada enjoy weather, and sea.