Top 10 tip how to boost your adrenaline in Hurghada

how to boost your adrenaline in hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most interesting Egyptian coastal cities in Egypt. It is famous for its magical beaches and resorts. If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the sea, it is the best place for a family trip in Egypt. The scenery and beautiful coral reefs make a special tourist attraction. In this article, I will inform you how to boost your adrenaline in Hurghada.

Tips How to Boost Your Adrenaline in Hurghada

Jet Ski in Hurghada Watersports in Hurghada
Jet Ski in Hurghada Watersports in Hurghada

Hop on a Sailing Catamaran in Hurghada

This catamaran is perfect for sunbathing in the sea and then swimming to cool down (jump down!). The catamaran can carry a large group of people at the same time, so you always have a happy party atmosphere.

how to boost your adrenaline in Hurghada

Hiking and desert trekking

If you have been in Hurghada for a long time and are an explorer, the recently launched Red Sea Mountain Road may be for you. This 170-kilometer, 10-day hike through the eastern desert mountains of Egypt and the Bedouin guide will show you the other side of Egypt, otherwise, you may not be able to see: rock canyons, deep desert dunes, prehistoric petroglyphs, and long-abandoned Rome Villages. If 10 days/170 kilometers is too much for you, you can take a smaller section or just a one-day trek.

camel ride
Hurghada Mountains


If you are a resident of Hurgada and do not have the opportunity to ride a lot of bicycles, or you just like to ride a bicycle, Hurghada is a good choice. In addition to bicycle rental shops, Hurghada also offers “electric bicycles”-different stations are set up before and after the time you can rent a bicycle and register at any other station you want. Also, you can go to the exiting quad moto tour in the desert and drive ATV or Beach Buggy.

how to boost your adrenaline in Hurghada
Quad Biking

Experience Parasailing

Almost everyone has dreams of jumping with a parachute since childhood. Everyone wants to survive the flight, to feel an incredible sense of freedom and happiness. However, not everyone makes the dream come true. Someone because of health problems, someone because of their own fear, or for some other reason. Flying with a parachute behind a boat is another chance. A chance to make a dream come true. Parasailing in Hurghada will give you the palette of feelings experienced during the flight that is incomparable with anything – it is a cocktail of fear and delight that will take your breath away.

how to boost your adrenaline in Hurghada
Parasailing in Hurghada


Craving for fresh seafood, we mean directly from the sea, because you are fresh, and then jump on one of the many fishing boats to find dinner. Hurghada was originally a small fishing village, so you know the fish will be delicious.



If you are one of those who desire muscle exercise, then kitesurfing may be for you. There are several different kite surfing centers offering lessons for beginners, and if you are already a true kite surfer, you can rent equipment.

Kitesurfing Hurghada

Motor gliding

So you walked (or boarded) and have seen most of Hurghada? Not so fast, have you seen it from above? Experience the so-called “air tourism” from a powered glider.

Motor gliding in Hurghada

Jet Boat The best way how to Boost your Adrenaline in Hurghada

The perfect way to experience Red Sea Coast and feel the adrenaline rush during the Extreme Jet Boat ride. See the beauty of the Red sea, the world’s most exciting Jet Boat ride. So, if you’re looking for a thrill, this is the adventure for you. You’ll reach speeds of over 80 km/h on the water and hold on tight while your captain performs tricks like slides and 360-degree spins.

how to boost your adrenaline in Hurghada
Jet Boat in Hurghada

Jet Ski Adventure

Feel the exhilaration of taking the jet ski out on the water of the picturesque Red Sea. You will have time to go water-skiing freestyle, to see what they can do, so take from this maximum enjoyment! Look out for dolphins! Dolphins are often spotted in this area, and if you’re lucky enough to see them, you’ll stop to watch them playing for a few minutes. Get an unforgettable experience from the Red Sea with watersports and make wonderful photos on the memory about Hurghada.

Jet Ski in Hurghada Watersports
Jet Ski in Hurghada Watersports in Hurghada
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