How to Find the Right Travel Agent

Travelling is the part of life and can you believe anyone in this world has never travelled ever?. The answer is NO NO NO.

Travelling is next important part life as we can’t live without travelling. But the same way we need proper guidance when we travel. Without guidance we can’t travel the single mile in overseas countries.

This post we will guide you about finding your perfect travel agent when you are booking for overseas travel.

Travel Agent in Egypt

  1. Read Facebook Review: Social Media is Great Platform where you can check the reviews about any business. You can check the reviews of your agent on social media platform. read the genuine reviews on the Facebook pages and then you can take decision about that agent. Similarly Egyptra have great custom reviews on social media platforms. You can see reviews about Egyptra through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You can read our Facebook Review by clicking Here.

   Julia Klimov: We booked the quad safari tour and are completely satisfied. Very nice people on site. Even driving with the quad went long enough so everyone came to his expense. Just recommend.

Steffi Kohler: It was really great. A super team and all very kind ❤️
Dolphin swimming was great. The food on the boat was great. Snorkeling as well. Very very dear people. ?
  1. Check There Website: Please check there website first and check for all the services they provide. It is important to anyone that check the website first. If the agent is authentic they must have their website and on the website appealing and information you can judge the authenticity of the agent.
  1. Read Disclaimer: It is important to read there disclaimers and terms and conditions. This is not highlighted in many cases but we should must read all terms and conditions before approaching them,
Mohamed CheikhIt was an amazing experience, we saw dolphins, my kids have been impressed by the beautiful fishes. The teams is really sympatic and took care of us during the whole trip. I recommend this excursion, probably one of the best in red sea
  1. Your Packages: Know in details about which package you are going to buy. So please do proper comparison about the packages and Pricing they provides in. most cases prices varies from customers to customers. So you can save you cost here.
  1. Contact to agent: Once you clear with your Travel agent just call them ask them for service and rates. If the agent responding well that means they are good at services. The service factors concludes in many way but if the agent is taking proper follow-up that means you are important to them and only they can provide you proper service to you. if they stopped following up that means they are not interested to provide you any service.

The selection of agent is very important point of journey otherwise many people will cheat you and ultimately your trip will become disaster for you.

Most reviewed Travel Agent in Egypt – Egyptra Travel Service

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