Hurghada The City of amazing activities

Have Fun in Hurghada, Egypt, a tourist hub on the Red Sea


Hurghada is a shoreline resort town extending around 40 km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It’s eminent for diving Tours and has various dive shops and schools in its advanced Sekalla area. , and nightclubs, Hurghada is ripe with tourist-aimed entertainment, Tours, recreational water sports, pools, and bars throughout the city. You can get lost merely walking the streets that are filled with exciting shops and restaurants. Though diving spots are the absolute main draw of Hurghada Tours, Hurghada is an amazing city to spend your vacation and do the perfect trip. Hurghada might not have towering gates, colossal museums, and throngs of people, but Hurghada does have a lot of people who seek a fun and relaxing stay in Egypt. The modern amenities throughout the marina, along with a number of excursions in Hurghada mean you can make the most of your time and leave wanting more!

Top 10 Hurghada Tours & activities:

  • Take an Underwater Submarine Cruise

This is one of the best Hurghada activities, When do you ever get the chance to ride a submarine for fun? In Hurghada, you do. Operated by Elegant Voyage, you can experience the bottom of the Red Sea with panoramic views. The guide details everything you will see on your journey beneath the waves, like the coral reef and its inhabitants. The ride goes for a total of 90 minutes.

  • Hurghada Quad Biking in the Desert

enjoy an oriental show Bedouin town with Safari by Jeep 4X4 WD in Hurghada and find out about their life and traditions, Witness the astounding nightfall in Hurghada desert there are many places to visit in the desert and this is one of the best Things to do in Hurghada, Dune buggy, and quad excursions through the desert are always popular and ongoing in Hurghada, thanks to the hinterlands that are dotted with acacia trees, valleys, and mountains of red. So much different than the shifting sands farther north.

  • Dolphin Trip

Must of Hurghada visitors are looking for the sunshine and amazing underwater world , also there is very popular tourist attraction in Hurghada called ( swim with dolphin) in this attraction trip, what makes it amazing that you will be really close to dolphins but not in a closed place , yes you are going to be close to dolphins in the open amazing red sea, which makes it really things you must do, don’t miss opportunity to enjoy amazing red sea snorkeling underwater world and be close to friendly dolphins in Hurghada red sea this is a boat tour which you could in a very simple steps you can find and book it online Book it with us and enjoy this amazing adventure.

  • Camel Rides and Safari Tours

Are you looking for things to do in Hurghada? must Hurghada resort has access to camel riding tours. Whether you choose to go to the beach or on a longer trip to a Bedouin settlement for a nighttime BBQ party, the options are endless. Camel riding is really fun, and although the camels are skittish, all the handlers are experts. Sit back and enjoy the swaying saddle. Could you truly go to Egypt without riding a camel? Presumably not. It is a ton of fun although a bit unnerving.

  • Fishing Tours in Hurghada

Hurghada is an awesome place to see fishes and the underwater world. Be that as it may, it is additionally a great place to catch them. On account of the atmosphere, an enormous assortment, including jokester fish and a big variety of different fishes possess the Red Sea, and ideally one will wind up on the finish of your rod! You will enjoy the finishing trip, the atmosphere of Hurghada and also having a new experience of finishing. Some of the tours programs also offering snorkeling with the trip which also amazing things to do during the trip, finishing in Hurghada a trip could live long memories don’t miss it.

  • Diving In Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the best popular diving city of Red Sea. It is the second fundamental diving area in Egypt after Sharm El Sheikh. It was a fishing city and is presently developing and developing with many resorts and dive centers.It is a perfect passage to dive the Red Sea and is really the fundamental beginning stage for sideboard excursions toward the South area of the Red Sea. It is likewise a popular place to learn scuba diving.


  • Hurghada City Tour

Find the diverse regions of Hurghada on this city tour. Explore both the traditional old town and the new, present-day city. straightforward houses that have only one floor. It feels like time stops in this piece of the city. Life is traditional and quests simply. Visit a shipyard and perceive how fishing boats are built and reestablished utilizing conventional strategies.

  • Astronomical Night Tours

Although city lights are pretty, nothing beats the unmatched shimmer of the desert sky. These tours take you out into the dusk with a small group and a telescope. However, because the illumination of the city cannot reach you out in the cool desert night, the brightness of the stars are very visible. This is a very romantic choice for couples and an eye-opening experience for even solo travelers