Explore Top Things to do in Hurghada, the best way to enjoy your Holidays

Red sea GIftun Island

Hurghada is a coastal city on the edge of the Red Sea. As one of Egypt’s most popular beach resorts, this sunny city is full of activities. It started as a fishing village and is now a prosperous hub. Hurghada connecting modern Egypt and its visitors with extraordinary landscapes. 

There are also many things to do in Hurghada, whether you are a history buff, want a family attraction or two, or just want to relax on the beach! Moderate to hot in summer and warm in winter, the weather between 25 till 30 6 months in the year. This is a year-round holiday destination. 

Things to do in Hurghada

Finding the ideal feeling of absolute freedom while chasing the infinite wave of time is considered the ultimate adventure. There is no more place to provide this kind of experience than Hurghada.

You will have a unique chance to experience the hypnotic beauty of Hurghada. Such us wonderful beach tours, magical marine life full of rare and colorful fishes, and various coral reefs. Snorkeling and diving are at a whole new level.

Hurghada: Utopia Island Snorkeling

Experience Hurghada’s Beach Life

Seaside resorts that stretch along the northern and southern coasts of the city already occupied the best sands in Hurghada. Even if you are not staying at one of these hotels, almost all resorts offer day access. 

However, to truly experience the beach life in Hurghada, you need to book accommodation and enjoy several nights of resort life. The best beaches are in the unimaginative “resort zone” south of the major part of the city (called Sigala). 

“If you go a little further south, you will come to an area called Sahl Hasheesh, which has some of the majestic views of white sand beaches and the best hotels along the Red Sea.

Majestic sand sculptures at See Sand City

This open-air museum, just outside the center of Hurghada, has two original concepts. One focus is on history and mythological art, which is confirmed in ancient sand sculptures. Also which depicts various stories from legendary figures and famous military leaders.

Instead, there is Wonderland art, which displays Walt Disney statues and children’s story characters. Compressed sand and water are used to build each figure, and once assembled, the varnish is applied. When you are resting in the cafeteria, your child can learn to do so at Magic Castle.

Sand City Hurghada

Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium:

 The Hurghada Marine Museum and Aquarium allow you to get a close observation of the Red Sea world without getting wet.

If you don’t enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, then this is the best way to learn more about the incredible level of biodiversity under the waves. More about a full-day guided tour of the aquarium and marine life.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium Tickets

Great Experience with Pyramids of Giza

One of the only monuments of this kind on earth is the Giza Pyramids in the ancient kingdom “2575-2150 BC”. 

It has the last complete miracle in the ancient world, the great miraculous pyramid of Cheops and the oldest of the pyramids. Enjoying the pyramid is a great opportunity to witness living miracles and create beautiful memories.

Day trip to Cairo from by Plane
Day trip to Cairo

Safari Tours on Sahara of Hurghada 

There is no better way to explore the majestic natural atmosphere of the Hurghada Desert than a safari. Head to the center of the desert to admire all the magnificent hidden places in the desert, such as the majestic Bedouin village, and enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner. 

You have the chance to ride a camel, quad bike, or car through the Sahara Park in Hurghada, the hills of the Arabian Eastern Desert. 

Explore all the ancient places in the center of the desert, and you will witness the color change of the desert during your trip to Egypt.

Quad Desert Safari In Hurghada
Quad Desert Safari In Hurghada

Giftun Islands National Park

Spend an admirable day out on the National Park Giftun Island and enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling trip. Ride on a boat in the Red Sea, the youngest sea in the world. Make two spots for a snorkel, and enjoy the chance to swim with over 1500 kinds of fish, coral, and lovely dolphins. Relax in the Giftun island national park, beach, and dine on a lunch buffet.

Giftun Island Snorkeling Luxury Boat Tour with Lunch and Drinks
Giftun Island Snorkeling Luxury Boat Tour with Lunch and Drinks
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