Top 10 Advises How to Enjoy Best Holiday In Egypt

A holiday in Egypt is a beautiful thing because you will enjoy the beauty of this ancient land and the stunning seaside resorts of the Red Sea, as well as monumental historical sites and cultural relics.

Ancient Egypt

You will also enjoy the natural golden sandy beaches of the desert and scuba diving. However, all of this and more can be done in Egypt if you want to maximize the experience and have a happier time.

Then you need to book luxury services, enjoy the best accommodation and transportation, as well as relaxing spa and massage services.

Spa Egypt

Advises How to Enjoy Best Holiday in Egypt


The best time to visit Egypt is the coldest month of the year: from November to March. In Luxor and Aswan in the south of the country, it is unlikely to rain.

In Cairo, smog can become a problem in the winter morning. So it is best to schedule your visit to open spaces (such as the Pyramids of Giza) in the afternoon.

In winter, it may rain in Cairo and Alexandria. Expect large crowds in December and January. During the summer months.

The temperature can be depressing. The temperature range is 40 to 55°C (104 to 130°F). Luxor and Aswan is a dry heat, but humidity can make it feel worse in the north, near Cairo and Alexandria.


If you need a SIM card when traveling to Egypt, an orange kiosk at Cairo International Airport (near the baggage claim area) can provide you with a SIM card.

The process is fast and relatively cheap. Before traveling to Egypt, you need to show your passport and make sure your phone is unlocked. We have provided excellent cell phone services to Orange throughout Egypt.


Egypt has some of the oldest and most important sites in the world. Of course, everyone is familiar with the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau, but the meaning of Egypt is much more than the pyramids.

The little-known and most interesting pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur are well worth a day trip from Cairo. You can also spend a day or two visiting Cairo’s churches and mosques, walking around the old city of Cairo, and taking a history class at the Egyptian Museum.

Alexandria, located in the Mediterranean, is a pleasant day trip from Cairo. In Luxor, you can visit the beautifully decorated tombs of ancient Egyptian kings and queens, massive temples, and Karnak temples, From the Luxor holiday in Egypt.

There are so many tombs and temples in the West Bank. It takes a few days, yes, a few days to see them. It is one of the largest open-air museums in the world.

Travel Insurance

If you are ready to travel to Egypt for the first time, you will want to ensure that you have made a reasonable investment in your health by purchasing an affordable and flexible travel insurance policy.

This policy will cover you in the event of wallet theft, missed/delayed flights, medical facilities at the time of injury. It’s better to be safe than regret.

Hire a Tour Guide

Hiring a tour guide is very important because going to Egypt may seem like a cherry, but the actual situation is entirely different.

After getting there, you will have to manage your accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and all other small details. Even if you plan well, there will be a loose ending. So, to ensure you have a pleasant trip, it is best to hire a tour guide to help you.

Try delicious Egyptian food in a good restaurants


In Egypt, you will need a lot of cash. In Egypt, the currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). One US dollar is equivalent to 15.70 Egyptian Pounds (as of September 2021). Most tourist attractions and activities must be paid for in cash.

In the Valley of the Kings, they have a credit card machine, but It did not work during our visit. We recommend that you have enough cash to pay For the tickets without relying on a credit card.

For the West Bank, this may be a lot of money, especially if you choose to use a special ticket to visit the tomb. We withdraw all Egyptian pounds from ATMs in Egypt.

There are ATMs at Cairo International Airport, so this is a good place for you to withdraw money. For the first time. We have ATMs in Luxor (Hilton) and Aswan (Movenpick) Hotels, and we use them every day to withdraw more money.

The maximum amount That any ATM allows us to withdraw in each transaction is 3,000 EGP. In some In cases, we have to use the same ATM card multiple times to have enough cash.

 It is essential to understand the ATM limits set by your financial institution, that is, how much cash your bank allows you to withdraw each day and how many transactions They allow you to execute each day.

You need to add up the amount spent each. Day to withdraw the correct amount. If you have a large family or group, you. May need to start withdrawing cash a few days in advance of holiday in Egypt.

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