Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hurghada

When choosing a holiday, there are many places in the world to choose from. It is especially true when choosing a dive site. Egypt, especially Hurghada, has it all. Hurghada has such a rich history and the best diving spots in the world to meet all needs. Here are twenty reasons why we think you should visit Hurghada on your next holiday.

20 Best reasons to visit Hurghada

visit Hurghada

World Best Diving Point

 Hurghada offers the best diving spots in the world and is only a 5-hour flight from Europe. It is sunny throughout the year, with crystal clear waters, visibility over 30m, and water temperatures of 30 degrees in late summer. Except for the beautiful and spectacular marine life.

visit Hurghada
Diving in Hurghada

 Location of Hurghada

Egypt is close to Europe. For example, it takes about 5 hours to fly from Northern Europe and the United Kingdom to visit Hurghada. Competing with Asia, where the flight takes about 12 hours, Egypt is very close. If you don’t want to spend the 12 hours after your vacation on the plane with screaming children and the fear of stroke, choose Egypt. Especially if you are on a business trip a week, it is best to fly nearby. Flying nearby is also more environmentally friendly.

visit Hurghada
Hurghada New Marina

Have Beautiful Mountain , Dersert and Sea

 Hurghada’s unique geographical location means that you can quickly go out and explore the desert and mountains for a whole week of adventure. Stargaze with Bedouins, take part in a thrilling desert jeep tour, try your luck on quad bikes, and be sure to ride a camel.

visit Hurghada
Hurghada Desert

Weather in Hurghada Egypt

Most of us want to enjoy the sun during the holidays. I am willing. In Egypt, especially in Hurghada, the weather is always hot. It may be a bit cold in winter, cloudy and windy at night, but the temperature always stays between 20-25°C during the day. It rains less than a few times a year, so if you want sunshine, choose Egypt and Hurghada.

Winter in Hurghada

Experience The Real Egypt Culture

 Hurghada was once a sleepy fishing village and still retains many traditional Egyptian charms. It is not just an artificial complex. In visit Hurghada, you can experience daily life with the locals: drink mint tea in a cafe, barter at traditional markets, and experience the real Egypt.

Hurghada El Mina Mosque

Three Resort in One Fame

 Hurghada is spread across a vast coastal area but is divided into three different areas: the resort area, which features large hotels facing the sea, and a new promenade, Sekalla-Hurghada’s latest center with its vitality. It is famous for its atmosphere and numerous shops, nightclubs, and restaurants, and Dahar, the old city center, has many traditional bazaars and narrow streets. From your hotel, see what Hurghada has: beautiful mosques, charming museums, and many bartering opportunities.

New Marina Hurghada

Wonderful Beach Life

 Hurghada has some of the best beaches in the Red Sea. Take a day off to dive and soak up the sun on the vast public or private beach. The water is obvious, and most of the beaches are gentle slopes. It also offers a variety of water sports, including some of the best kite surfing and windsurfing conditions in the world and water skiing, jet skiing, and more.

Hurghada Red Sea

Vibrant Night Life

Hurghada is active at night. Night owls will love the many nightclubs, bars, and cafes that are open at night. Many are located on the beach, allowing you to spend a relaxing evening. Plus legendary meeting places such as local bars and Papas Bar.

Hurghada in the Night

Plenty Of Choice

 The metropolitan area of ​​Hurghada means that there are many options for eating out or staying at home. Accommodation options range from all-suite luxury hotels to all-inclusive resorts, from private apartments to small hotels suitable for families. Visit Hurghada also offers various dining options, from the international Hard Rock Café chain to traditional Egyptian restaurants and cafes. China, Italy, India, Lebanon, European coffee. Hurghada has it all!

Hurghada Restaurants

Great Access To Other Resorts near Hurghada

 Hurghada is only a 40-minute drive from the nearby El Gouna resort to the north and Soma Bay and Safaga to the south. In the evening, head to El Gouna to dine at its luxurious marina or to Safaga to explore the famous Roman ruins and charming old port area. Or further south to El Quseir with the famous medieval fortress and Marsa Alam with the famous Elphinstone reef.

El Gouna

Hurghada Is Safe

Let’s eliminate this problem first. Hurghada is physically and politically far away from the busy streets of Luo. It has a small population, about 60,000 inhabitants; it accounts for about 0.00075% of Egypt’s total population of 80 million. In 2013, thousands of protesters took to the streets to protest the then-President Mohammed Morsi, but only a few people showed up in Hurghada and were easily ignored by residents on their way to work. The Cultural Revolution usually does not start in a resort town unless the fuss is about beach chairs.

Hurghada Mamsha Street


Pyramids, Sphinxes, Egyptian Museum, Valley of the Kings, Temples (Karnak Temple, Luxor), Abu Simbel. There are more. If you want to join those who have seen one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, go to the pyramids and choose Egypt. There are many excursions from Helge to all parts of Egypt.


People of Hurgada

People often forget that there is a natural person behind every salesperson or woman. Egyptians are kind people, and they like children. When you come to Egypt, you will feel at home and take care of your entire vacation.

Spices Shop in Hurghada

Direct Flights to Visit Hurghada

Passengers are often reluctant to connect flights to smaller destinations or destinations they may not be familiar with, such as Hurghada. Fortunately, there are several direct flights to Hurghada, such as Istanbul (Turkish Airlines round-trip flights cost less than $350), and cities from all over Europe. There are currently no direct flights from the United States, but you can take this opportunity to use multi-city flights to see more with less money or use MagicFare to get up to 70% discount.

visit Hurghada
Hurghada Airport

Best Places for Snorkeling

The Red Sea has one of the ten most extensive coral reefs and the three longest coral reefs globally, over 2,000 kilometers (approximately 1,240 miles). This coral reef system is home to more than 1,400 endemic marine life, some of which were recently discovered to be new species in themselves. I have dived in many glasses of water, including Socotra Island in Yemen, but 500 meters from the coast of The Breakers in Hurghada is the best place I have ever experienced.

visit Hurghada
Snorkeling in Hurghada

Hotel Resorts in Hurghada

You will find a large number of high-quality luxury hotels along the coast of the Red Sea. Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Makati Bay, to name a few. Hundreds of all-inclusive hotel complexes provide you with everything you need to relax during your vacation. Sea, sunshine, food, drinks, activities, beauty salons, water parks, gyms, everything. For a good value hotel complex, choose Egypt. No matter who you travel with, there is entertainment for everyone.

visit Hurghada
El Gouna

The food while visit Hurghada

Do we need to say more? Delicious dishes such as shawarma and kebabs are staples here, and vegetarian dishes are also the best in the region-full of colorful vegetables, lentils, and spices. Traditional Egyptian food is very diverse. If you like something different, Hurghada will not disappoint!

visit Hurghada
Street food in Hurghada

You can ride a camel

Would the trip to Egypt be complete without encountering one of these fantastic creatures? A variety of hikes for all ages and abilities-why not enjoy a morning hike through the desert and stop for lunch in a traditional Bedouin village, or go for an unforgettable sunset experience at sunset.

visit Hurghada
Camel Ride in Hurghada

Waterparks are Amazing in Resorts of Hurghada

What better way to cool off than spending a hot, sunny day in a world-class water park? Hurghada has many hotels with water parks, which means having fun at your fingertips every day. If you don’t stay in one of them, don’t worry, there is still a long way to go. We recommend trying Makati Water World, where you can spend the day sliding off the slide, floating in the lazy river, and eating ice cream in the Egyptian sun.

visit Hurghada
Jungle Aqua Park

Relaxation in Hurghada

Everyone wants relaxation in life, If you really Some relaxation then visit Hurghada is your best choice. Where you will get a real Peace of Life with majestic views and old ancients of Egypt

visit Hurghada
Orange Island Hurghada
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