Top 5 most popular restaurants in Hurghada

Marina Resturant

Want to travel to Hurghada? Have you checked the accommodation that suits you best and is now looking for the best restaurant in the city? To help you find the best restaurants, we have compiled a list with the help of Trip Advisor reviews. Below is a list of the five most popular restaurants in Hurghada, sorted by popularity. Therefore, whether you are looking for traditional Egyptian cuisine or want to try other dining experiences, such as international cuisine, Asian cuisine, or European cuisine, you will find the best taste because there are many restaurants in this city.

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How much does eating out the cost in Hurghada?

In most restaurants in Hurghada, stomachs are filled with reasonable prices. Compared to European prices, even the most expensive restaurants in Egypt are very cheap. The food is generally good, but there is not much difference between the restaurant and the dishes because the menu and ingredients are similar. You should visit El Gouna. There you will find more high-quality restaurants. But remember that compared to Hurghada, El Gouna is more expensive, and the restaurant prices in El Gouna are at least twice that.

The Lodge Restaurant

The Lodge is a restaurant on the marina in Hurghada, offering high-quality European and international cuisine and unique fish and steak specialties from the restaurant’s charcoal grill. This restaurant focuses on diversity in food and beverages, so in addition to grilled meat specialties, there are also a variety of vegetarian options. The Lodge also regularly hosts special events such as live acoustic performances by local artists or a salsa night every Saturday.

Best restaurants in Hurghada
The Lodge Restaurant

El Mamsha The Mafia

The Mafia restaurant serves the best pizza in Hurghada. Mafia is an Italian restaurant located on the Mamsha Promenade, next to the Siva Grand Beach Hotel. If you stand in front of the entrance of the Siva Grand Beach Hotel, it will be on your left. Next to the Mafia restaurant is a Thai restaurant called Thai Garden. Some people say the food is excellent.

I say it is good. But with the interior, it is still worth visiting and seeing. Both restaurants are a bit more expensive. The last time I went to the Mafia, the beer was 45 LE. And pizza is about 70 LE. Pizza is ok, but beer is “expensive” on the scale of Hurghada.

It was more expensive in the past, but not anymore, because all prices have gone up, and the best thing is that both restaurants are non-smoking. Finding a non-smoking restaurant in Hurghada is not easy. If you have children, you don’t have to worry about indoor smoke here.

Brst restaurants in Hurghada
Mafia Pizza Hurghada

Granada restaurant 

Granada is not the best restaurant for families, nor is it the best restaurant for wallets, but it has Hurghada’s best view. The Granada restaurant is located on Old Sheraton Road, with a direct view of the sea. If you want to enjoy the food, atmosphere, and beauty, please visit Granada. It’s been a while since I went there last time, but I heard that their minimum charge for the night is around 250 Egyptian pounds. Be prepared for this, and your experience will be better.

Best restaurants in Hurghada
Granada Restaurant

South Beach Bar & Restaurant

South Beach is not only a popular bar but also a pizzeria, seafood restaurant, and steakhouse right next to the beach. This combination creates a highly diverse menu, from excellent seafood risotto to succulent grilled meat specialties, served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The superb cuisine is complemented by a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. South Beach bars and restaurants also regularly provide live music performances, such as cover bands from the 70s and 80s or the famous DJ every week.

Caribbean Bar

The Caribbean Bar offers refreshing drinks, fresh salads, and a variety of grilled delicacies in a relaxed environment with incredible views of the Red Sea. During the day, guests can enjoy regional specialty coffees or freshly prepared cocktails in the lounge. At dinner time, guests can enjoy elegant international cuisine. The Caribbean Bar is a hot spot for local nightlife, and the bar also regularly broadcasts live broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League.

Best restaurants in Hurghada
Caribbean Bar
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