What is the difference between orange bay and Paradise Island?

Orange Bay

Most of the people asked this question: What is the difference between orange bay and Paradise Island. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. The choice depends on many factors. If you can swim and want an economical trip, we recommend you to go to Paradise Island. It is very cheap, and there are two dive stations on board, including banana and sofa tours.

If you can swim but want to feel a little luxury, then you should choose Orange Bay. Unlike Orange’s Paradise Island, there are parasols and comfortable bean bags on the beach. Orange Bay also has many photo opportunities.

 You can swing hammocks and shallow water in the clear water while taking pictures while leaving eternal memories of your trip. They often serve you shrimp at lunch, and there are two diving stations on board. Orange Bay usually has high tides.

The time you spend on the island (approximately 1 hour) is usually an opportunity to relax in the shade of an umbrella and take many amazing photos with the white sand beach and crystal-clear water. From the boat, the best option is to go to heaven.

Snorkeling in Hurghada
Snorkeling in Hurghada

Which island in Hurghada should you choose?

There is only one snorkeling station on the itinerary, and I spent about 3 hours on the island. They developed Paradise Beach. There are two umbrellas, cushions, a dining room, a toilet, and a pay bar. In addition, there are a children’s playground in this part of the island and water slides in summer. Guests can also watch mini-Egyptian folklore performances in the form of belly dancing and Tanura dance.

You will fly to Orange, but you will stay on Paradise Island, where the beaches are better, and the area is safer. Then you can go shopping in Orange during the day. At night, always take a taxi. What should worry you are not tourists, but very radical locals.

Orange is the capital, located on New Providence Island. Paradise Island is separated by only one bridge, actually two bridges, one in each direction. Paradise Island has only 2 AIs, Riu next to Atlantis and Paradise Island Harbor View (not recommended);

Cable Beach is also in New Providence, about 10 minutes west of Orange Bay. There is only one natural, artificial intelligence in the area, Breezes Bahamas. This is not high end, but it is a comfortable and relaxing place, offering delicious food and drinks.

To the west are sandals, AI, but they should only be couples, even though I have read that corporate groups also stay there. It is unique from Breezes, but this is reflected in its price. Sheraton has an AI plan, but I haven’t been there because it was Radisson. It was great but now they don’t have so many choices.

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